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Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018

I am currently holding a Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest. No purchase Necessary. You can use any crochet Siberian Husky Dog pattern that you want. 

 For those participating in my Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018, you are eligible to receive any, or all 3, of my Crochet PDF Extra Small, Small, and Large Siberian Husky Dog Written Patterns for Free. Please find the “Contact” me button at the top of my Home page, and let me know that you want a free written pattern (s) for my Husky Dogs, and which one(s).  You must be a subscriber to my blog. I will send you one free crochet Husky Dog pattern to get you started for the contest. Once you submit a picture of your Crochet Husky Dog that you made for the contest, I will send you the rest of my remaining free Crochet Siberian Husky Dog written patterns that you would like to have.

I will be posting all of the pictures here, as well as in my Facebook photo album titled “Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018.” The people that entered the contest have worked very hard on their beautiful crochet Siberian Husky Dogs, so please give them a lot of love by commenting on your favorites. I have put letters, and/or numbers for each picture. So, you can put the letters in the comment section so I can see your favorites and know which picture you are referring to. You can also like, love, and comment in my Facebook photo album too, and I will see them all. I will continue to add more pictures as I receive them. If you would like to enter, I have put the video and official rules at the bottom for you to look at.

The following pictures are the current contestant entries for my Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018. 




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30Jun18 Surprise Free Giveaway occurred today! Sarahdipiti chose her top 3 entries for the Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018: Ashley Foster, Judy Crissman, and Sarah Lavoie! They have each received a $25 Gift Certificate to www.Sarahdipiti.com Congratulations!!!!





Click for official rules:

Contest Siberian Husky Dog Official Rules (1) of 3

Contest Siberian Husky Dog Official Rules (2) of 3

Contest Siberian Husky Dog Official Rules (3) of 3.


10 thoughts on “Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018

  1. So cute! Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. great site my dear you did good love the set up

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. This was very difficult to do becasue all were so cute and beautiful.
    Here are my picks . Congratulations !

    Sarahdipiti Pick #1 Judy Crissman (am)

    Sarahdipiti Pick #2 AshleyFoster (ag)

    Sarahdipiti Pick #3 Sharon Lavoie (Winter)

  4. This was very difficult to do becasue all were so beautiful and cute. Congratilations !

    SarahDipiti #1 judy crissman (am)

    SarahDipiti Pick #2 Ashley Foster (ag)

    SarahDipiti Pick #3 Sarah Lavoie (Winter)

  5. I vote for Claudia N.
    Pics (aW) and (aS)

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