Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Set: Scarf, Fingerless or Flip Mittens, Hat, Boot Cuffs, Coin Purse, and Water Bottle Holder


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All of the Crochet Heavenly Blessing Set items that you see in the pictures above were included in the set that 1 lucky winner received on 1May18. Congratulations Robyn!!

I decided to go with a different color for my Crochet PDF Written Pattern Heavenly Blessing Set, which includes: Scarf, hat, fingerless or flip mittens, and boot cuffs.

Here are the Direct Ravelry links for the Crochet PDF Written Patterns:

  1. Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf PDF Written pattern.
  2. Crochet Heavenly Blessing Hat.
  3. Crochet Heavenly Blessing Fingerless and/or Flip Mittens.
  4. Crochet Heavenly Blessing Boot Cuffs.

This yarn cake is A LOT larger than the yarn I used on the Video tutorial, but it is the same brand. So, I will be letting you know how many cakes of yarn you will need for each part of the set, and the total amount of cakes of yarn for the whole set.  I was able to use one Big Cake for both the Scarf and Flip Mittens!!!!


On Amazon, I tried to pick yarn choices for prices that I would pay for a similar yarn. Watch the prices, because sometimes they change depending on when I posted on my blog. You can change the search for different colors in the same yarn. The prices may vary depending on the yarn color. If you like the yarn that I used for the written pattern, I found it on Amazon, but it is a different color (Peppercream). It is still beautiful, click here to see it.  The color above is Plum Pudding, which is the color that I used. My favorite colored scarf was the one that I used in my video tutorial. I was able to find the color (buttercream) on Amazon, but I didn’t like the price. If you still want to check out the buttercream on Amazon, click here.  Here is another beautiful color (Red Velvet), with the same brand, click here.



The gorgeous crochet throw in the above-left picture was the free crochet pattern that came with one of my plum pudding colored yarns. You could make the same crochet throw, or you could use my Heavenly Blessing pattern for a similar throw. The above right picture was a free knit pattern that came with one of my plum pudding colored yarns too. For those of you that don’t knit, like me, you could use the knitting patterns for inspiration or different color schemes. I keep the free patterns that I get off of my yarn in a folder.


Heavenly Blessing Scarf Step-by-Step YouTube video tutorial:


Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf:  Make the tassels by using a device that doesn’t waste any yarn! Perfect Tassels every time! You can also use the Tassel maker to make a separate tassel that matches your scarf! Use the Tassel on a key chain, hang on your purse or bag, etc…


Do you need a yarn bowl?

Check out these great yarn bowls that you may like!

Absolutely gorgeous yarn bowl! Click here.

Stunning yarn bowl! Click here.

If you liked the designer scissors that I used in the Tassel video tutorial, you may like these similar ones that come with embroidery scissors too! click here.

For a Tassel cap like mine in the video, click here.

For the large Tassel maker, click here.

For the small Tassel maker, click here.

For the non-messy, strong glue that I used on my Tassel maker, click here.


You may like this Free PDF Crochet Mitten Sizing Chart to make sure that your crochet flip mittens are the right size:

 Crochet Mitten Sizing Chart

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Fingerless/Flip Mittens Step-by-Step YouTube video Tutorial:



You may like this Free PDF Crochet Hat Sizing Chart to make sure that your crochet hats are the right size:

Crochet Hat sizing chart


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If you like the yarn winder and yarn bowl that I used in the pictures above, you can go to my beginner crocheter link to find all of my favorite crochet materials.


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The alpaca plum colored chunky yarn crochet Heavenly Blessing Child’s Hat that I made, used up all of the yarn to make it. There was nothing left after finishing up with the pom pom.  If you like it, I used my 5.75mm crochet hook to make it. You can count the cross st and trinity st rounds in the picture above. I had to alter the size because I only had 1 skein of yarn in that particular color and yarn style. The width is 9 inches (18-19 head circumference, using the hat sizing chart) and the length is 7 to 7.5  inches.

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Hat Step-by-Step YouTube Video Tutorial:


Here is a Free PDF download for sizing your crochet boot cuffs:

Crochet and Knit Boot Cuff Sizing Chart

Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel: 


1 Caron Big Cake Yarn can make a scarf and set of flip mittens, with a small amount of yarn left over. You will need a 2nd Caron Big Cake Yarn for the hat, boot cuffs, coin purse, and water bottle holder.  You will still have yarn left over from the 2nd yarn cake.


Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Boot Cuffs Step-by-Step YouTube Video Tutorial:


I like to use my matching yarn to sew the purse frame to my crochet work. However, this can be difficult on the curved portion of the purse frame. An easier alternative would be to use a matching yarn thread instead. Another recommendation would be to center the two large holes on each side, after securing the purse frame in the front middle portion. The large holes tend to rub on the crochet work (as you are sewing the purse frame to the crochet work and may fray your yarn.

Crochet Heavenly Blessing, matching Coin Purse. There is no Crochet Written pattern for the coin purse at this time. Here is the step-by-step YouTube video tutorial showing you how I made it:


The Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Water Bottle Holder doesn’t have a written pattern at this time, but here is the step-by-step YouTube video tutorial:

25 thoughts on “Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Set: Scarf, Fingerless or Flip Mittens, Hat, Boot Cuffs, Coin Purse, and Water Bottle Holder”

  1. I really enjoy the Helenmay you tube tutorials. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The tutorials include two of my favorite things: crocheting and dogs 🙂 ❤ The plum Heavenly Blessings Crochet Set is (((beautiful))) as well! I enjoy making the kitchen towel toppers, the huskies and the cat. — They make great gifts! The people who receive them always compliments me on them. Others say "I want one too!" lol I look forward to watching the other videos and the upcoming ones as well.
    Kudos to creating some (((awesome))) patterns!!


    1. Thank you for such a nice comment!!! I really appreciate it! You just made my morning!!! You are now one of the people with a chance to win the completed plum Heavenly Blessing Crochet Set! I hope that you have a beautiful day!


      1. Your Welcome! I am really having fun making the huskies! I’ve made two extra small (Rascal and Lucky) and a small one (Dakota) as well. I’m currently working on the large one. I would really love the written PDF patterns! ❤ 🙂 The contest has been really fun. ty for all your hard work.


  2. Really love both colors but think plum pudding would be my choice. Beautiful pattern set… love it and your YouTube video tutorial was done perfectly . I have found so many things I would love to make on your website and I will be attempting some as soon as I can. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


    1. Thank you so much Lisa!! I really appreciate your support! I have entered you into my random free giveaway for the plum crochet heavenly blessing set! Have a beautiful day!


  3. I love the Heavenly Blessings Set! It’s so Beautiful. You do such Amazing Work. What a Great Giveaway!


  4. Love the plum pudding set. Thank you for entering me in this nice giveaway. I have read your rules for your giveaways, and I can confirm that I meet the rules. Thank you for your beautiful work, time and tutorials. Have a great day.


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