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Helenmay Crochet What are you Making Next?



First posted March 2018. Last updated 18Oct18. There has been a new updated blog post created. This blog post is now finished.

Sometimes, I will leave my crochet project a surprise. Here is my tentative crochet plan:

  1. Completed  Crochet Amigurumi Rabbit Fun up to 2018!
  2. Crochet Large Horse video tutorial, is complete! I decided to leave these YouTube video tutorials on my Free YouTube channel. The Crochet Large Unicorn won first place at the San Diego County Fair.  So proud of this crochet design! My favorite of the year! This is the first crochet pattern that I published as a paperback book!!!! To find out who I donated Black Beauty and the Large Unicorn to, here is the direct link: Some of the different Charities I have donated to. Here is the direct blog link if you would like to make my large crochet horse: Crochet Large Mustang Horse and/or Unicorn
  3. Crochet Squirrel (special request by one of the YouTube video viewers, because she couldn’t follow the written pattern she had purchased.). Completed. I also completed a paid written pattern, that goes with the Video tutorial, that can be found on Ravelry. This is another one of my favorites! I am not sure what happened to the person who requested it, but THANK YOU! I had a lot of fun with this pattern as you will see! Here is the direct link: Crochet Squirrel, Skunk, and Cat!!! One pattern.
  4. Elastic Tunisian Crochet leg warmers. Changed my mind about this one. I don’t really like the look. I prefer the regular crochet leg warmers. Here is the direct link, if you would like to make one: Quick, Easy, Elastic topped crochet leg warmers.
  5. Handmade Crochet hook holder and sewing kit set. Not yet started. I decided to try and get to this one in 2019. If you would like to see some fun inspiring ideas, here is the direct link: Crochet hook holder fun ideas
  6. Medium Crochet Amigurumi Minion and crochet Minion Baby Hat. Now complete. Here is the direct link to the free Crochet-Along. You can join in at any time. For now, I have left the free crochet written pattern on my blog: Crochet Minion CAL
  7. Christmas CAL. Crochet Heirloom Christmas boy and girl elves are finished. This crochet pattern has a PDF written pattern that can be found in HMCS and a free YouTube video tutorial.  Here is the direct blog link: Crochet Heirloom Elves.  
  8. Crochet Dog for Helenwoodward Animal Shelter Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. Finished. I have finished the CAL for the crochet afghan dog, and I still have the free written crochet pattern on my blog. Direct link: crochet Afghan Dog.
  9. Crochet Sea Horse Hot Pad/Potholder. I have changed my mind about making this one. I decided to complete more crochet baby blankets for charity.  There is an ongoing giveaway until February 2019. Be sure to check-out my Contests/giveaway link at the top of my HOME page.
  10. I had a family request for a crochet baby blanket, which I completed. To see the new crochet baby blanket designs, here is the direct link:  Crochet My Little Tiny Tulip Baby Blanket I have an excellent blog post for baby shower ideas. Here is the direct link: Crochet baby shower fun ideas!
  11. Denise requested a crochet reindeer, which I completed. People have really enjoyed making my adorably cute crochet reindeer! If you would like to make one too, here is the direct link: Crochet amigurumi reindeer.  Here is the direct link to see a lot of fun Christmas crochet ideas! Christmas Crochet Heirlooms!


I am happy to say that I was able to stick to my plans for the year!!! I still have some time left!! I wonder if I will have new crochet surprises before the end of the year!

While I was making my crochet baby blanket design, I saw one of the crochet groups discuss the #snowballexpress, and they were looking for people to help make blankets for donating to the children next year 2019. I decided to help make a few crochet blankets and thought it would be fun to have a giveaway as a thank you to those that want to help make crochet blankets for the children. To find out more about my giveaway, make sure that you check my Contests and Giveaways page!

I am finishing up the year, and I still plan on having a poll in my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel Facebook Group in January 2019. I plan on having one more contest and/or giveaway in 2019 in addition to the one for #snowballexpress. I will poll my Facebook Group members in January 2019 to vote for what they want, whether a crochet contest similar to the crochet Siberian Husky Dog contest or a random free giveaway. It is free to join my Facebook Group.


2 thoughts on “Helenmay Crochet What are you Making Next?

  1. Would love to see you make a Bat 😃 : Mysticmissi

    1. HelenMay Crochet August 8, 2018 — 3:04 pm

      I will keep the bat in mind. That may be a fun crochet project for next year. I could make an adorably cute amigurumi bat! Thank you for the wonderful recommendation. 🙂

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