Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket


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My Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket was my first effort at using Tunisian Crochet for an afghan, and I fell in love with my method. My family fell in love with the afghan too, which is why they wanted the Tunisian Crochet Guardians of the Galaxy Afghan.

Please be aware that I like to use an inexpensive blanket for my backing. I have a lot of loose yarn ends when I am finished, but I “ABSOLUTELY DO NOT” bury my loose yarn ends. I like to use the loose yarn ends as cushioning between the Tunisian Crochet Design and the inexpensive backing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t bury your loose yarn ends, if that is how you would like to make your blanket. If you decide to bury your loose yarn ends, it will just take you longer. I use this same method, that I used for my Minecraft blanket, for my Tunisian Crochet Guardians of the Galaxy Blanket.

I love how my Tunisian Crochet blankets turn out when I am finished.

An important note for you: This was on my Guardians of the Galaxy Tunisian Afghan, but it would apply to my Minecraft and Wizard of Oz Afghans also.
On YouTube comments, Kerry said: “This is Amazing!!”
I have YouTube video tutorials to get you started with making Tunisian afghans. My Tunisian Crochet Guardians of the Galaxy afghan is like a puzzle piece. You have to Tunisian Crochet the blocks together. You could make your own block design, but it would have to be the same block/graph size. You can’t switch out a block with a different sized block, because then your blanket would be crooked. You would have to switch the block with a different block that is the same size. The same thing goes for my Minecraft blanket. I made a Minecraft blanket too, but I combined crochet and Tunisian Crochet. If you don’t make my Minecraft blanket with the same blocks that I used, you have to switch out the blocks with the same size block. For example, you can’t switch out a crochet block with a Tunisian Crochet block because they are different sizes. I made my Wizard of Oz Tunisian afghan the easiest to change out blocks because all of the blocks are the same size. Someone had asked me why I didn’t make the whole blanket without blocks, which you absolutely could; I prefer working in blocks because, in my opinion, it is easier to handle.
Here is the free PDF download showing the full completed Afghan:

Here are all of the free PDF downloadable graphs that I used to make my Minecraft blanket:

TopRight Block Minecraft

TopLeft Block Minecraft

widersquid block Minecraft

Sword Minecraft

Squid Minecraft

shovel Minecraft

Pickaxe Minecraft


Minecraft characters

Minecraft axe

Minecraft Letters R A

Minecraft Letters I N

Minecraft Letters F T

Minecraft Letters E C

Little Letters Minecraft

Large Y Minecraft

Large T Minecraft

Large J Minecraft

Large OE Minecraft

Large 2nd T Minecraft

Large N Minecraft

Bow n Arrow v2 Minecraft

Bottom Right Block Minecraft

Bottom Left Block Minecraft

Bow n Arrow v1 Minecraft

Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member Tammy Y. requested that I help her with “Snow Golem.” So, I made a graph of Snow Golem that you would use Tunisian Crochet with. Here is the free PDF graph:

Tunisian Crochet Snow Golem Graph

You may also like this Snow Golem Graph from Coloring Squared


Letters A and U for Austin

Letters S and T for Austin

Letters I and N for Austin









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Here are the step-by-step YouTube video tutorials:

How I drew the Crochet Minecraft Four Block Boy with Sword Graph:

Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket T block demonstrating color changing:


Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket Four Block Boy with Sword:  This video shows how to combine 4 different graph blocks to make a larger picture.


Crochet Minecraft Blanket Characters:


Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket Backing and Border:

There are different sizes for fleece blankets. So, make sure that you finish your Tunisian Crochet Minecraft Blanket first, and then measure it before purchasing your fleece blanket backing.

Here is a link to some inexpensive fleece blankets that you may like for your blanket backing 50 x60 inches: 50 inch x 60 inch fleece blanket backing

Some fleece blankets may not have the stitching around the border. When this happens, I create an embroidery stitch around the border of the blanket. I show how to do this with my Tunisian Crochet Guardians of the Galaxy blanket.

I hope that you will share pictures of your finished Tunisian Crochet Minecraft blankets with me. I would love to see them. If you would like to see crochet work that other people have shared with me, here is the direct link: People who have shared pictures of their crochet work with me



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