Ordering Safety Doll Eyes and Noses

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These are the types of products, or similar products, that I like to use with my crochet projects: I have never used rubber backings for my safety doll eyes. I have read bad reviews about them. I only recommend the plastic or metal backings for your safety doll eyes, which are the only links that I have recommended for you. Some of the affiliated Amazon ads on my blog may put super sales on equivalent products, so if you check it out, please make sure that the backings are metal or plastic. Also, please check that the safety eyes that you are ordering are toxin free.


Toxin Free Eyes!

All of the safety eye links I am providing below are CPSIA certified. This means no harmful toxins like Lead and Phthalates.

*The business selling these safety doll eyes/noses will be adding a link to their main website soon that will allow you to print safety certification documents!*

*NOTE* These are still small pieces that present a choking hazard to children under 3 and small pets!

These are my FAVORITE Safety Doll Eyes, and I use them all of the time.  Some of you may have seen me use them in my video tutorials. This link will give you a range of beautiful multi-colored Safety Doll Eyes sizes from 4.5mm up to 24mm, and comes in a pack of 14 pairs. I just ordered some 20mm sized ones as I wrote this addition to my blog. If you would like to get some too, click here, or the picture.

th (1).jpg

Here is a whole kit of painted eyes and noses:


Click here, or the picture above for the safety eyes and nose kit.

If you like to make crochet amigurumi CATS, here are some great cat eyes They come in different multi-colored sizes 7.5mm up to 24mm and come in a pack of 12 pairs. Click here, or the picture. The picture doesn’t even do these safety eyes justice. When you order yours, you will see better pictures of the ones that you will be getting.:


What?!?! Premium Red Dragon Eyes?!?!? Click here, or the picture!


If you would like to go directly to their website, instead of Amazon, here is the direct link: My favorite Safety Doll Eyes and Noses


Another great Safety Doll Eye company is 6060 eyes.  They also use quality safety doll eyes. I love their oval and comical eyes


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