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Educational YouTube Video Recommendations


If you aren’t following my educational step-by-step how to crochet YouTube video tutorials, and you want to see what educational YouTube videos I found interesting, this page is for you.

If I am crocheting along with a written pattern, or a graph, sometimes I like to watch TED talks, YouTube documentaries, and/or other educational YouTube videos.  I will continue to update this page periodically.  The following are YouTube videos that I found interesting:

Last updated: 18Jan19

Move forward to the year 2018.

This was discussed in the year 2015!!!! Americans need to start looking at the problem. You need to ask yourself “How many working Americans are now among the working poor?” “Why is this happening?” “What is Globalization?” and “How is Globalization impacting the United States?” “Are corporations looking out for the average Americans best interest?”

The border wall does help.

Is your job safe? In middle-class America how are your job prospects?

Sound familiar? America is in its infancy compared to the Brexit situation.

This was from the year 2014. The Border States of America:

The top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

I bet you didn’t know this was happening with your recyclables.

A substance that you can drink, use to make degradable plastics, and run your truck or car? This genius invented Xyleco!!! If you have never heard of it, you will want to watch this 60 minutes video:


One Man’s Mission to save the Redwood Trees

Our National Treasure, the Redwood Forests


Can you guess what the #1 Smartest Dog Breed is on list25? The top dog on the list is on my Helenmay Crochet Dog list, which can be found at the top of my HOME page!

Animal Odd Couples: Wild Things.

Animal Odd Couples: Animals and their Humans.

Educational video about Owls:



If you have never heard of Alux YouTube videos, you may want to check them out. I think that they are really good for young adults. This video is about 15 skills that will pay off forever:

Kokota. When people help people to better a community.

It is so important to educate our children/young adults about fake news and the power of social media.

We are definitely moving in this direction:

The following YouTube video is from National Geographic:


21st Century Hackers-Documentary 2018

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