Beginner Crocheter

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It is easy to see all of the beautiful crochet work out there and get intimidated. The thing about crochet is that everyone has different learning styles. Some people want to learn with only written patterns, some like to learn only with video tutorials, and some like to learn with written patterns and video tutorials. Personally, I love to learn with both video tutorials and written patterns. I first really started to learn from other YouTube video tutorial instructors, and now I am able to read most written patterns. The key to learning crochet is to never give up, and practice makes perfect.

I would recommend reading this blog post first: How Does Crocheting/Knitting Affect My Health?

Here are some of my recommended crochet materials to start with (Affiliated links are provided. If you don’t know what affiliate links are, please see my “Disclosures/Disclaimers” and “Privacy Policy” on my Homepage):

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You will find that there are different styles of crochet hooks out there. I have used both the In-line and Tapered versions, but my personal preference is the tapered version. My experience has been that the tapered version works more smoothly, with the yarn, as I crochet. I also prefer the hooks with a soft grip, which is why I recommended the crochet hook set above. As you crochet more, you may settle into your own preference, and you will probably have a “gazillion” different crochet hook styles (like the rest of us).

How about a kit with stitch markers, tape measure, and tapestry/darning needles included? For this awesome value, click here or the picture.



This is the Essentials kit that I have. It is a smaller kit that you may like, click here.

If you want a more fun tape measure, check out these fun, and cute, tape measures! Click here, or the picture:


I have one of the cute cat tape measures, and I recently had to add this tape measure to my set, you may start seeing it in some of my video tutorials! Click here, if you want one too!

What is the best yarn choices? Read this short blog post about yarn that will give you most of the information that you need to know about different yarn choices.

If you need help getting the yarn through the eye of your tapestry needle, a DMC yarn threader is extremely helpful. I would recommend a tapestry/darning needle with a large eye for most of your crochet work, so you don’t have to keep using the DMC yarn threader. I use my DMC yarn threader mainly for when I am sewing on buttons, using yarn, or placing beads on my yarn. My Quick and Easy Beautiful Pearl Coin Purse YouTube video tutorial is the perfect example of crocheting with beads.

Yarn Threader link here.

For a gorgeous bronze purse frame 12.6cm x 7.7cm, click here.

For 3 similar 5″ x 2″ purse frames link, click here:

If you would like to try the smaller  3.3″ Purse Frame assorted 5 color set link, click here:

I haven’t attempted using these beads, but they have large holes, and look simply gorgeous!!! Click here.

I have a video tutorial that shows you how you can make a crochet purse without the beads too:


Pom Pom makers are a lot of fun to have! They make pom pom making fun. I have several sizes myself, but I would recommend this large set to start, click on the  link here:

If you want several different sized pom pom makers, click here.

If you are going to be using the pom pom makers, then it is easier to use Embroidery scissors, because of the small space between the opening. These vintage Embroidery scissors would be a gorgeous addition to your crochet hook set, for the link click here:

I get asked a lot by beginners “Which video tutorial should I start with?” I am going to give a few of my YouTube video tutorials that I recommend you start with:

The magic circle. If you watch any of my YouTube video tutorials, you will see that I use the magic circle A LOT!  It is a wonderful skill to have with crochet. I use it a lot to make bags, beanie hats, and amigurumi. I have dedicated a blog post for the magic circle, if you would love to learn more about it, here is the direct link: Blog post “The Magic Circle.”

Your first Crochet Amigurumi. I would recommend my Crochet Sleepy Bear.  When you go to get your craft stuffing, my recommendation would be to use the stuffing in the cheapest pillow you can find. I get my pillows from Walmart for under $3.00 (I am not affiliated with Walmart).

If you need safety doll eyes/noses, I have links for you on my blog site: “Ordering Safety Doll Eyes and Noses”

Here is the direct link to my Sleepy Bear Video Tutorial:

Your first Crochet Baby Blanket. I love to recommend this crochet baby blanket, because you will learn a LOT of crochet stitches, and it is very repetitive with the stitches. I would recommend making the smaller crochet baby security blanket first, and then continuing on to the matching larger crochet baby blanket:

I used to get asked a lot about my crochet baby model. The doll that I use is absolutely adorable, and I purchased her when I first started making crochet baby clothes. She fits crochet baby clothes sized 3-6 months of age. If you think that you would like to have one of the baby dolls, click on the following link:

Cute Baby Doll that models/fits Crochet Baby Clothes sized 3-6 months of age.


Amazon Canada: Link: 

Cute Baby Doll that models/fits Crochet baby clothes 3-6 months of age

Another fun item to have is the lite crochet hook. If you don’t want an overhead light to disturb others around you, but you still want to crochet, then these crochet hooks come in handy. This LED hook set also makes it easier to see when crocheting with darker yarns!  I have an affiliate link here:

If you purchase your yarns from the larger craft stores, you usually don’t need a yarn winder, except if you would like to tidy up your leftover yarn into a little yarn “Cake.”

If you purchase more expensive yarns from a little craft store, make sure that you ask if they will wind the yarn for you. I have noticed that a lot of these stores will do it for you. But, if you hit a large yarn crawl like I did, you may get yarn that still needs a yarn winder.  I finally broke down and went to purchase one, but I was shocked at the huge price range, and there were so many to choose from.  I decided to settle on a less expensive,  simpler, and manual yarn winder.  Mine attaches right to my ironing board, and I love it.


If you would like to see a yarn winder similar to mine, click on

the  link here:

Once you start venturing onward and attempting one of my larger crochet amigurumi projects, this item will be very helpful for when attaching the crochet arms and/or legs. Click here.  They can be very dangerous for children because they are so long, and sharp, so make sure that they are kept away from children when not in use.

This chart is helpful for showing your different yarn terms:


For some yarns, like the ball of yarn, or yarn cake, you may want a yarn bowl. This is a bowl that will help prevent your yarn from rolling around as you crochet. Below is a picture of my yarn bowl.


Check out these great yarn bowls that you may like!

Absolutely gorgeous yarn bowl! Click here.

Stunning yarn bowl! Click here.

If you Love my hand painted yarn bowl, and some of my more expensive yarns, and want to see where I got them, here are my adventures on the San Diego Yarn Crawl. Some of the yarns that you see me purchase on the Yarn Crawl are included in my prize packages for the Crochet Siberian Husky Dog Contest 2018:


Don’t care for Yarn Bowls? You may like this yarn holder instead, click here.


Another favorite for beginners is the classic Granny Square! If you would like to try the Crochet Granny Square, here is the direct link: Granny Squares

As a beginner, you will love my Crochet Life’s a Hoot Kitchen Towel Topper! Not only will you want them for your own kitchen, but they make lovely gifts for others as well!

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Here is the direct link to my Crochet “Life’s a Hoot!” Kitchen Towel Toppers.

Have you heard of Tunisian Crochet? It is one of my favorite methods for making Afghans. I have completed 2 complete afghans using this method up to this date 3Mar18: Tunisian Crochet Minecraft and Guardians of the Galaxy. Here is a good introductory video tutorial for Tunisian Crochet and you’ll get a great Tawashi dish towel out of it:


In the video tutorial, you will see me using these Grips on my Tunisian Crochet hook. They work great!!! To get your own similar ones, click here.

If you are really in love with Tunisian Crochet, and you think that you want multiple sized Tunisian Crochet hooks for your set, click here.



If you want a similar Tunisian Crochet Hook that I used to make my Guardians of the Galaxy Afghan, click here.  I used sizes 5mm to 6mm. This 11 piece Tunisian crochet hook set was $3.00 last I checked, so I included it here!!!!! Double check the price when you go to the link.

Some other helpful hints that I have for you:

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** After checking with your doctor that it is safe, get regular exercise. Even if you just go for a walk, exercise is so beneficial for your overall physical and mental health. Crocheting can cause a lot of sitting, especially if you are really excited about finishing a crochet project. So, for your overall best quality of life, don’t forget to get some fresh air, and exercise into your life’s routine.

This is a very interesting TED talk by Nobel Prize winner regarding stress and the effect on Telomeres and aging:



My favorite Hatha Yoga DVD:



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**Yarn hoarding is very real, especially when you are always running into a yarn sale that is just too irresistible!  If you decide that crochet is the new love of your life, think about how you are going to organize your yarn, and crochet projects, before you actually buy your yarn (We crocheters rarely are working on only one crochet project at a time. Usually, we have several going on at any time of the day, or week, or month). My recommendation for the beginner, is start with one, and be careful with how many other crochet projects you take on (In our minds, we always crochet faster than in real life). Also, those coupons and yarn sales are “always” going to be there. I have been doing this for years, and I can always find a coupon, or a sale, any day of the week (My experience has been that Joann Craft Store has the best coupons out of any of the other craft stores near me, and they will take multiple coupons). What I am trying to say is, you don’t have to stock up now, for all of those future crochet projects you have planned. Another HUGE bit of advice for you, is to KNOW what you have, and where to go to get it. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned my house upside down looking for a particular yarn, or yarn color.


**Keep a folder and/or binder for all of the free yarn patterns that come with particular yarns. Keep a file folder on your computer for “Crochet Ideas,” and “Free crochet patterns” that you find online. You may never find that same free pattern, or graph again, and I always love remembering a good crochet idea, when going back through my files.  I also keep a little composition book near my laptop for writing in. Click here, for a similar one.



**If you like Tunisian Crochet, or think that you may like to try it in the future, and you see any cross stitch, and/or embroidery, graphs, you may want to save them. They can be pure gold to the Tunisian crocheter. I found some Christmas cross stitch, and/or embroidery, graphs in several books on clearance sale. I purchased them because they were on clearance, even though I haven’t gotten to any of the graphs yet. I will share them in the future, when I get to them. If you search cross stitch graph, or embroidery graph, on Pinterest, you will have pure Tunisian Crochet gold. I have tons saved in my computer files that I will probably never get to in my lifetime. There are Tunisian Crochet Groups on Facebook too, and they like to share graphs.


**Think about starting a Facebook page to show off your crochet work, and join one of the many crochet groups online. I can’t tell you how many amazing free crochet pattern designs, graphs, and ideas that I continue to get from my Facebook Crochet Friends.  I also can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to my Facebook photos to get some of the pictures that I took of my crochet work from years ago, that I had difficulty finding in my files.  Remember to use the “Paint” program on your computer (Right click with your mouse, click on open with, click on paint) to put your name on your crochet picture before posting it on Facebook. There is nothing worse than finding that someone took your picture, of your crochet work, and used it as their own.  You can even think of a catchy name for your Facebook page. I recommend that you always abide by the copyright laws, and respect the rules of any crochet groups that you join. Be aware that there are computer “trolls” out there that like causing trouble, advertising on your site, seeing if you will give them private information, seeing if they can find private information, and saying mean things. So, make sure that you check your Facebook security settings. You can also find a lot of great crochet fun on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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**Remember the Golden Rule. No, no, no I am not talking about “He/She who has the Gold Makes the Rules.” I am talking about the real Golden Rule ” Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”



**Please don’t post paid patterns on your Facebook pages. Designers work really hard to create their crochet work and paid patterns. They may even give them free on different occasions,  but it is for your personal use. Think about if you had created a crochet design, worked hard to write the pattern (or video), I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t like everyone posting it on their sites for free.


Remember! The key to crochet is not giving up. If you have any crochet related questions, you can contact me through my “Contact” button at the top of my Home page,  through Facebook, or through YouTube. Happy Crocheting!!!!!!