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I chose a picture of my crochet bees for my home page. The flowers were in full bloom when I finished making them, and I was able to get some beautiful pictures with them sitting in the flowers. If you would like to make my crochet bees too, here is the direct link to their step-by-step YouTube video tutorial: Crochet Bee20170407_123756

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I get a lot of crochet requests, and I try my best to crochet the requested items, but since I like to do all of my own crochet stunts: Making YouTube video tutorials, testing patterns,  video editing, creating my own crochet designs, writing patterns, writing on social media, writing on my blog, and holding contests and giveaways. You can see how it may take me time to get to your crochet request. I love every minute of it!!!!  Thank you for your patience. To help me make the crochet requests for manageable, I have started Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members  If you would like to find out more regarding how to become a Special Donor Member and all of the benefits you will receive, click on the link, or you can find the link at the top of my HOME page.


“Make Today’s Crochet So Awesome that Yesterday’s Crochet Get’s Jealous!” Unknown Author.

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!”

Often attributed to Albert Einstein, but there is some debate as to the actual author of the quote.



For the year 2019, I decided to have some fun with all of the crochet pictures shared with me! I plan on giving a free surprise gift to the person who shares the most pictures of different crochet items that they made using my free YouTube video tutorials and written patterns. For details, go to my blog post: Crochet Pictures Shared During the Year 2019

I absolutely love it when people share pictures of their finished crochet work with me that they made using my YouTube video tutorials. I am going to feature 1 person’s crochet work on my HOME page periodically. I absolutely loved this picture shared with me on 29Apr19 by Naomi Eicher! Naomi is 8 years old. I loved how she posed her unicorn in the grass with flowers!! So adorable!

Naomi Eicher unicornB

Here are pictures of Naomi’s other precious little magical unicorns:

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I love that people from around the world can share a picture of their completed crochet work with me and have access to my YouTube crochet video tutorials!! Too much crochet fun! If you would like to see all of the pictures of crochet work that people shared with me in the past, here is the direct link:

People who have shared pictures of their crochet work with me.





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