Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member 2020


Donation to my blog and crochet work.

Non-refundable. Thank you so much for your donation to my blog and crochet work!! I really appreciate it!


New rules for Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members for the year 2020. I still have the golden brick wall to show all of the current members for the year.



There are 2 ways to become a Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member: 1. Share a crochet picture with me using one of my Helenmay Crochet YouTube video tutorials. or 2. Make a donation to my blog.


Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member Benefits for the year 2020

  1. All members are eligible for 2 free paid PDF written patterns of their choice from my Ravelry page.
  2. This year’s random free member giveaway.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST BE A HELENMAY CROCHET SPECIAL DONOR MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RANDOM FREE GIVEAWAY. Thank you. If you would like to participate in a member giveaway for the year 2020, you will need to follow these rules:   NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!! Void where prohibited. PLEASE FOLLOW THE  RULES EXACTLY TO PARTICIPATE. Place your favorite postcard and/or handmade card into an envelope (Again, please place the CARD in the envelope) and mail it to the following address: Helenmay Crochet, P.O.Box 45311, San Diego, CA 92145. THERE HAS TO BE A RETURN ADDRESS, AND EMAIL, ON THE CARD.  I wanted to make sure that you got this part because it makes it much easier for me to contact you regarding the winnings. THERE HAS TO BE A RETURN ADDRESS, AND EMAIL, ON THE CARD (It doesn’t have to be on the outer ENVELOPE). It would be much appreciated! Thank you very much! Your address, and email, will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone else. On the CARD, state what Helenmay Crochet item that you enjoyed making the most and what crochet item that you wish I would design. Again, I wanted to make sure that you got this part especially, please remember to put what crochet item that you would like for me to design for you. THAT IS IT! SO EASY PEASY!  I will randomly pick one of the cards “RANDOMLY” on 1October2020. The random card picked will be contacted via email and given a choice of ONE of the following: 1. $200 Hobby Lobby Gift Card mailed to them or 2. $200 Amazon e-gift card or 3. $200 Mary Maxim Virtual Gift Card. or 4. $200 Joann Craft Store gift card. or 5. $200 Michaels Craft Store Gift Card. or 6. $200 Charitable donation to a trusted charitable organization of your choice or 7. Let me know if there is another legitimate online organization/business that allows $200 gift cards.  The other option, if you don’t want a gift card is to receive a surprise crochet package from me valued for at least $200. You can put one of the prizes mentioned above, on the card that you mail to me, if you want to.  If you are International, and I pick your card that you mailed to me, I will mail you a surprise crochet gift box of my choosing (Please be aware that postage is outrageous and that I will have to take that into consideration when mailing your surprise crochet gift package from the USA).    I am not sponsored by any of the above organizations/businesses. I am NOT responsible for lost and/or damaged gift cards. I am NOT responsible for lost and/or damaged mail. I am NOT responsible for anything related to this RANDOM, FREE GIVEAWAY.  YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO PARTICIPATE. IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN THIS RANDOM FREE GIVEAWAY THEN YOU AGREE TO ALL OF MY RULES/GUIDELINES. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. A huge thank you to Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel Viewers/Subscribers and Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members for making this random free giveaway possible!! Also, when I pick the winning card, I will read the crochet design request, and I will make it into a YouTube video tutorial and Crochet PDF written pattern! The person who requested the Crochet design will receive the Crochet PDF written pattern for free, if they want it. Too much crochet fun, right? If I don’t receive any postcards then this contest is null/void.  I hope that I receive a LOT of postcards!!!  Wouldn’t that be fun!!  Good Luck everyone!! ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD PLEASE.

Current Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member entries:

  1. Lisa L.

Lisa’s crochet request (If picked) is a crochet amigurumi rat.


Who knows if I will have surprises throughout the year for Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members! That is it for now. Last updated 09Feb20