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Last Updated 12APR18

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Here is a dog collar design that comes in small, medium and large, click here.

This dog collar has a gorgeous floral design and comes in small, medium, and large,            click here

th (2).jpg

We crocheters work hard on our crochet dogs! As you know, I love to put a personalized name tag on my crochet dog’s collar. You can even personalize it more, when it is given as a gift. If you would like to check out these great personalized name tags, click here.

Here are camouflage custom dog name tags

Paw print custom name tag


sometimes we need glitter sparkle dog name tags.


Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting PLUS Crochet Hooks Set with Case,Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands.Best Gift!


Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with Inner Divider (Sewn to Bottom) for Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles(up To 14”), Project and Supplies, High Capacity, Easy to Carry–No Accessories Included

When I saw this deal, I immediately went and purchased one for myself! Click here, or the picture to see what I found!


Somebody was asking about my coffee mug:


Click here, to get one similar to my “Got Yarn?” Cup.

Vintage scissors and other items you may like for your sewing/crochet kits:

style 1 scissors

style 2 scissors

antique sewing set

I love crochet/knitting keychain

wonderful crochet pendant charms


Crocheting with beads couldn’t be easier with these colorful beads!

You will see more video tutorials with me using some of these beads in my crochet work. To see how I crochet with them, here is the direct link to the YouTube video tutorial.

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