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People Who Have Shared Their Crochet Work With Me



I have an affiliate link below. If you are unsure of what an affiliate link is, please read my “Disclosures/Disclaimers” and “Privacy Policy,” at the top of my HOME page.

I absolutely love it when people share their crochet work with me, and I read all of your comments!! I try my best to respond within 24-48 hours. I wanted to share some of the pictures that I have in my files, and I will continue to add more over the years. If I am missing any, please send me a picture via Facebook, and I will add it. Thank you so much for sharing!!

I will change the featured picture at the top, and on my HOME page, periodically. It was very difficult picking only one from all of the beautiful crochet work! I will try to post people’s crochet pictures every couple of months, depending on how many pictures get submitted to me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

This month’s featured crochet work is by Julie Garcia and Jackie Jean Murphy. Everyone had beautiful crochet work submitted, and it was very difficult choosing only one to feature!!! The reason why I picked Julie Garcia’s and Jackie Jean Murphy’s crochet large wild Mustang Horses, is because I know it wasn’t an easy task making such a large crochet horse!!!! My pattern for the large crochet wild Mustang Horse is my largest crochet amigurumi to date, and I wasn’t sure how many people would attempt such a feat! I love their crochet Mustang Horses! They did a marvelous crochet job. Believe it or not, I was contacted by “Deb” to assist her with making some of my large crochet horses for her charity. So, I am currently writing the PDF crochet pattern and completing another horse (September 2018). Too much fun! If you would like to make a crochet Large Wild Mustang Horse, here is the direct link: Crochet Large Amigurumi Mustang Horse. The following are the other crochet pictures submitted to me since June 2018, you will see why it was difficult picking a feature!!

The following pictures are from June 2018 until 14Sept18:

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This picture was featured until 14Sep18 by Patricia Garner. She has helped multiple charities over the years! Poppy Appeal, Help the Heroes, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Awareness, and now Fibromyalgia!!!! You are amazing Patricia!!! I love your gorgeous crochet bed dolls!!

Patricia Garner.jpg

The following pictures are from APRIL to JUNE 2018

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The following pictures are from MARCH 2018

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The pictures below are from the beginning of the year 2018

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The pictures below are from previous years:

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I get asked a lot about what doll that I used for my crochet bed doll. If you want to check out the doll that I used here is the affiliated link:


Doll similar to the one that I used for my Crochet Bed Doll.


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