Crochet Sweet Butterflies Poncho or Shawl with Matching Headband


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So, I visited a local yarn store and one of the owners said that she didn’t mind if I wrote a free crochet written pattern specifically for them, using their yarn. They have tons of gorgeous yarns to choose from. I show 3 different yarn choices in the written pattern and the YouTube video tutorial. She said that she liked butterflies and flowers. So, I designed the crochet shawl or poncho with a crochet stitch that resembles a sweet butterfly, hence the name.

Now, you may notice that I used an unusual method for making the crochet poncho. I got the idea for the poncho when I walked into a boutique. I saw this gorgeous beige poncho


It is lightweight and instantly adds a “fancy” touch to a sundress. It is so quick and easy to make too! If you like the lighter poncho yarn that I used in the video tutorial, here are the direct links to purchase them on Amazon. These are some of my favorite colors, but you can find many more different color choices:

beige color

carib blue


lilac white


Here is the direct link to the paid Ravelry written pattern: Crochet Sweet Butterflies Poncho or Shawl

Here is the free step-by-step YouTube video tutorial:

I show how to make the matching crochet headband in the YouTube video tutorial and the paid written pattern. I have a separate video tutorial for beginners to start with, but more advanced crocheters will love the easy crochet stitch too! I love the method I used to make the crochet matching headband, and I think you will love it too! The crochet headbands would be perfect for a quick and easy small item on a craft show table too!

Click here for the product that I used to make the headband. I wear my finished crochet headband a lot, and it stays on perfectly!

The first one that I made, I wore with the matching crochet lightweight poncho to the San Diego fair. Here is the video that shows my adventures that day:


I sat on the top of the double-decker bus on my way to the fair, and my hair was whipping around with the wind. I didn’t realize that I lost my crochet matching headband…lol…somebody will probably find it!

You can also make a crochet sash for your plain sun dresses using this same light-weight yarn

I made the crochet sash in the picture above with 10 rows. Mine is the width of one of my crochet beige poncho panels. I tied a knot on the side of the dress and spread out the sash for a decorative look.

The sundress is so cool during the hot months and is not too long. If you like this style, here are some direct links for you:


Click on the picture above, or here, to choose from different colors in this style.


If you like the 100% cotton comfortable sundress, click the picture above, or here. Your crochet lightweight poncho would work perfectly with it.


The dress above has different sizes and colors, and you are going to love the price! 93% cotton. Click the picture above, or here.



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