Julie’s 2 Charity Afghans


Here is another reminder for those helping Julie Major with her crochet afghans for charity. I will be sending a thank you gift of my choice to the person that helps Julie the most with her 2 crochet charity afghans (USA and/or Canada mailing address only, and you must be at least 18 years of age. I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages. No purchase necessary.).
It is not my YouTube video tutorial, and it is not in English, but she said that it was easy to follow along with:


 Julie is trying to complete the afghans by September. So, if you can get the granny squares to her by at least August 2018 that would be wonderful!

This is what Julie Major said about the other 10 inch by 10 inch granny square: “to make this start with magic circle 16 double ch inside , slip stitch to join ,, chain 5 dc in top of stitch, ch 2 repeat all the way around ending with 16 dc slip stitch, now dc each stitch on forth stitch 2dc , 2 ch 2 dc (first corner ) repeat to next corner do this all the way around slip stitch ch 3 continue next round start to finish you will end up with 10 rows.”

For 1 Afghan, please use Caron One Pound, colors Light Violet and Deep Violet. Red Heart White. 12 inch x 12 inch. After you finish the popcorn diamond, 3 rounds white, last round light Violet. Use the picture above for color changes.

For 1 afghan, you can use any crochet granny square pattern that you want. The sizes are 7 inches x 7 inches. They can be any color because she will use a base color to put them all together with just 4 ply and 4.0 hook size. Mail your crochet granny squares to:
Julie Major PO Box 1223 , Marathon Ontario Canada P0T2E0

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