Crochet Adorable Kitty Cats!


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I make a lot of crochet dogs too! If you would like to check them out, here is the direct link: Helenmay Crochet Dogs

I don’t have as many crochet cats, but I want to add some new crochet cats in the future. In the meantime, here are some fun crochet cats that you can make:

This first YouTube video tutorial shows how to make a Crochet Easy Simple Cute Kitty Cat Applique, which is “purrrrfect” for crochet bags:


This one is a child’s favorite!  For the best results, I recommend using the same yarn that I used. Amigurumi Crochet Lucky Cat:

This is one of my personal favorites! It is a crochet quick easy beginner cute amigurumi kitty cat with glow in the dark cat eyes!


Oh, ok…they are all some of my personal favorites! I absolutely love this next one! You can hang them as Christmas ornaments too! Hilariously cute and fun, especially for the children!


This Lucky Cat Coin Purse is the perfect gift!!!


Do you need a fun beginner crochet project? You will like these adorable crochet lucky cat keychains:


If you haven’t seen Pepe Le Pew’s girlfriend, then you are missing out! This next video tutorial shows how to make a crochet squirrel, crochet skunk, and a crochet cat all using the same pattern!!!!! Too much fun!!! This beautiful cat has a new home in Branson Missouri Humane Society with Pepe!!!

And, who can forget my Crochet Lucky Cat Hotpads!!! I still have one of these! I gave the other one to a family member!

This last crochet cat bag wasn’t as popular, because it takes a little work making it, but my family member who adores cats loved it:

If you love Funny Christmas Sweaters, then you will love this crochet cat applique that I made for this funny Crochet Christmas Sweater!!


I hope that you will share pictures of your finished crochet work with me in my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel Facebook Group!!! It is free to join my group.

If you would like to see other crochet pictures that different people shared with me, here is the direct link: People who have shared pictures of their crochet work with me

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