Crochet Heirloom Rainbow Chevron Baby Blanket

chevronblanket2 - Copy.png

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Bobbie S. contacted me via Facebook and said:  “Hello I’m making the rainbow chevron baby blanket but you don’t say in your video how to determine how many chains to make for the side of the borders. my blanket measures 37 long.”
I replied: “Hi Bobbie! They are the same length as the Rainbow Chevrons that you made for the main baby blanket. 🙂
She replied: “No that doesn’t work they aren’t long enough.”

I thought this was weird because I just had someone make one of these for a charity donation.

Dianne DuncanA.jpg

I went back to review the multiples for this blanket, and I understood the confusion. The chevrons are deep and long, and if you are making a differently sized blanket, it could be difficult finding out what the multiple is for this blanket. For those that are making it, I mapped out the stitches for you so you can see the multiples for a larger blanket.

I have provided a free downloadable PDF cheat sheet for those that want to increase the size of their crochet Rainbow Chevron Blanket and/or braids:

Helenmay Crochet Heirloom Rainbow Chevron Baby Blanket Cheat Sheet

Here is the free step-by-step YouTube video tutorial that shows how I made this gorgeous heirloom crochet baby blanket:



These yarns are Amazon Prime eligible and would be absolutely gorgeous for this crochet blanket:

51CJ1IQYOkL (1).jpg

Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. You can choose different colors of variegated yarn in this style!

I haven’t tried the following yarn, but it also comes in a variety of fun variegated colors to choose from!! Prime eligible.


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This yarn color is absolutely gorgeous!!


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.


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