How to make a Pomander and a New Crochet Stitch for the Top of Crochet Bags



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I went to the library one day and decided to look in the crafting section. I found a fun craft book that talked about making Pomander’s! A definition for Pomander is: “a mixture of aromatic substances enclosed in a perforated bag or box and used to scent clothes.” When I started making mine, I thought that it would be a fun craft to share with others that may not of heard of them either. According to Wikipedia, Pomander’s were first mentioned in literature in the mid-thirteenth century. I will be showing the modern style of Pomander that functions to freshen the air.

In my YouTube video tutorial I will be showing how to make the Pomander towards the end of the video tutorial. I want to put my Pomander’s into a crochet bag. So, in the beginning of the video tutorial, I show how I modified my Crochet Vegetable/market bag to make it smaller. I also show a new crochet stitch for the top of the bag, and I show how to make a crochet tie for the top of the crochet bag.

Here is the YouTube video tutorial for my original Crochet Vegetable/Market bag that I made my father on Father’s Day in the year 2016:

Here is the video tutorial that shows how to make the Pomander and the new Crochet Stitch for the top of your Crochet Bags. You are going to love the new colored yarn that I chose for this project:

You can hang beautiful Pomander Artificial Flowers next to your homemade citrus Pomander’s too!


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Do you need PVA glue to attach your ribbon to your finished Pomander? Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.

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I had one Pomander that remained. The others had mold. I plan on making more closer to Christmas.

Here are some helpful hints, if you want to make your Pomander’s last longer:

  1. Before you place your whole cloves, try spraying your citrus with 50:50 mix of Distilled white vinegar and water. I found online that this has helped prevent molding.
  2. Use Oris root in your spice mix to make the scent last longer. I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan on trying it for my Christmas Pomander’s.


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.


Last updated 19Apr19.



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