Crochet Hound Dog


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Aurelie Henry contacted me on YouTube comments in French and asked me if I could write the Crochet Hound Dog PDF written pattern for her. She said that her grandson loved the way my crochet Hound Dog looked on YouTube video tutorial, but she had trouble following along with the English video tutorial, and she really wanted to make it for him.


You are going to love the surprises that I included in the Crochet PDF Hound Dog Written Pattern! I included a new crochet stitch for the collar and how to make the Crochet Tutu Skirt. There is a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial showing how to make the crochet Hound Dog, but in the written pattern I include how to make the Crochet Pansy Flower, which is not included in the YouTube video tutorial.

Here is the direct Ravelry link to the paid Crochet PDF written pattern:

Crochet PDF Hound Dog Written Pattern


Click the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.  I went to Petco for my pink heart tag:

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I love making my crochet dogs so that they have moveable arms and legs, which sometimes creates a dimple on the side of the arm/leg.


I had fun with “Pansy” the crochet Hound Dog, and I covered her dimples:


It turned out really pretty. I used a modified crochet Avery flower design that I found in JT House Crochet Magazine Issue 01 (I am not sponsored or affiliated with JT House)

I used Freeform crochet on my Crochet Mustang Black Beauty Horse that also turned out really beautiful. If you go to my Crochet Mustang Horse blog post, you will see a link to the Crochet artist that I used for my crochet Freeform.

I show a basic crochet dimple cover in my Crochet Squirrel, Skunk, and Cat YouTube video tutorial.

Crochet Hound Dog YouTube video tutorial Part 1:

Crochet Hound Dog Part 2:

Crochet Hound Dog Pillow:

Here is the YouTube video tutorial for the Crochet Hound Dog Pillow Skirt, which will also fit a 3 to 6 month old baby:

In the Crochet PDF Hound Dog Written Pattern, I show how to make the Crochet Tutu Skirt, which I made for my Crochet Boxer Dog Bank. However, I abandoned the

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