Vintage Tunisian Crochet Rose Afghan


This beautiful Tunisian Crochet Afghan is not my design, it is a free vintage design that can be found on the web site Free Vintage Crochet.

Here is the direct link, if you would like to find the pattern and download the free graphs:

Tunisian Crochet Vintage Rose Afghan

If you want to learn how to Tunisian Crochet, you may like to learn how, and make my Tunisian Crochet Cardinal Pillow at the same time! You can make yourself a Christmas present, or give it to someone else, but the most valuable gift is you learning how to Tunisian Crochet! too much Crochet fun!


You may also like my Crochet Vintage Blooming Rose Tea Granny Square design! Here is the direct blog link to find out more: Crochet Vintage Blooming Rose Tea Granny Square


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