National I Love Yarn Day 12Oct19


It is difficult to believe that I first started my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel on 3Nov2014!!! Since that time I have made over 500 YouTube video tutorials showing people how to crochet with my fun crochet designs!! I have also completed over 40 paid PDF written patterns available on Ravelry and Etsy!!

Since I have started my Helenmay Crochet blog, I have been following Jerry Brotherton’s blog.  Honestly, I don’t even remember how I started following him. I think that we both have the same web platform and his name “The Backyard Poet” peaked my interest. He has interesting blog posts that usually are not crochet related, but yesterday he had written this paragraph on his blog post: “This one is for my wife who is a crochet-aholic.  I Love Yarn Day is celebrated on the Second Saturday in October and embraces the opportunity to share your craft with someone new. Teach someone to knit, crochet, weave or enjoy any yarn craft. Explore the variety of yarns, their vibrant colors, their soft textures, and warm tones. Expose your stash to the daylight and break out the scissors. Needles optional!”

I laughed when I read that, because I didn’t realize that his wife was a fellow crochet-aholic!!! I also realized that today was “I Love Yarn Day!” So, I decided to celebrate by picking one random person that purchased my paid PDF written patterns on Ravelry in the recent past, and gifting them a crochet PDF written pattern from a Ravelry crochet designer of their choice.  It is a daunting task to pick only one of the beautiful crochet designs available on Ravelry. So, I suggested my most recent addition to my blog post list for “Top Crochet Designers.”

My random winner that I chose was “JK” also known as “Bronzedragon1” on Ravelry, and she chose the crochet amigurumi crocodile by Carolina Guzman 


I think that “JK” made a wonderful choice! Congratulations “JK, aka Bronzedragon1!”

A HUGE thank you to all Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel viewers and subscribers as well as Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members and all of my blog followers!! You make everything possible! Happy “I Love Yarn Day” everyone!!!  Happy Crocheting!!!

Here are some interesting facts about “I Love Yarn Day:”

  1. It is celebrated on the second Saturday of October. This year it falls on 12Oct19.
  2. The Craft Yarn Council founded I Love Yarn day in 2011 spreading the love of yarn crafts for generations to come. The Craft Yarn Council is a nonprofit comprised of leading yarn companies, manufacturers, publishers, and consultants in the yarn industry.  “A survey conducted by the council affirms the numerous health benefits of yarn crafts like knitting and crocheting,” Jenny Bessonette, Executive Director of the Craft Yarn Council said. “We invite all of our followers to participate by posting and talking about how yarn has affected their lives.”

4 thoughts on “National I Love Yarn Day 12Oct19”

  1. Hello, my name is Deb. I’m a crochet-aholic. My Idea of heaven is spending eternity living in the yarn store. I love all the brilliant colors and textures. I have a room in my house that resembles an aisle in the yarn store. If Jerry comes home and can’t find me immediately, he knows where to find me. Some might say they can see and hear Gollum sitting there stroking a ball of yarn saying, “my precious, my precious”.


    1. LOL! Hi Deb!!! Your house sounds like my house! Jerry and my husband would probably share similar crochet-aholic wife stories..LOL! I love it! Happy Crocheting Deb!!


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