Crochet Divine Hat, Fingerless Mittens, and water bottle holder set.


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I first saw the crochet Divine Fingerless Mittens in a Crochet Facebook Group.  I decided to crochet a pair for a JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) Fundraiser. A lady saw the crochet Divine Fingerless Mittens and the matching water bottle holder and loved them. She talked about making more for her friends, and I told her that I would look into making the YouTube video tutorial. I contacted the person who shared the crochet written pattern for the Divine Fingerless Mittens, and she told me that she didn’t mind if I made the YouTube video tutorial. Thank you Kathy Davis!!!

Here is the YouTube video tutorial for the Crochet Divine Fingerless Mittens:

When I came across the matching Crochet Divine Hat, I couldn’t believe it!! I contacted Sarah Arnold on Ravelry, and asked if she would mind if I made the YouTube video tutorial for the hat. Sarah said that she didn’t mind either!!

Here is the direct link for the Crochet Divine Hat!

When I first had the craft table, I thought that the crochet fingerless mittens would be cute with a matching water bottle holder. The lady that wanted the crochet fingerless mittens also loved the matching water bottle holder.

Here is the direct link for the crochet super quick and easy beginner Divine Water Bottle Holder:

If you need a water bottle, you may like this one that is similar to the one that I use. Click on the picture below, or here, to go to the affiliate link. Prime eligible with different colors to choose from!


I hope that you enjoy the whole Crochet Divine Set!!! Thank you Sarah and Kathy!!!

If you like my Crochet Divine Set, you may also like my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Set that includes: scarf, fingerless and/or flip mittens, hat, coin purse, and water bottle holder!

Here is the direct blog link: Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf Set

Happy Crocheting!!

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