Crochet Amigurumi Cheetah


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I first made my crochet amigurumi Cheetah video tutorial on 3APR2015

During the Covid19 Pandemic, I received a local news update that talked about the “Wild Wonders,”  which is a Wildlife education organization

“Wild Wonders is where kids and adults can connect with animals from all over the world.  Through live tours and interactive programs, our 120 animal ambassadors and educators will take you on a dynamic adventure you won’t forget.”

Our motto is “Rescue.  Educate.  Conserve”, and our educators will share the stories behind the animals, the adaptations they have to help them survive in the wild, and what conservation challenges they face.  Our goal is to excite the public and foster a desire to preserve and learn about wildlife, and the important role they play in the planet we share. “

When I went to the Wild Wonders site, I saw that they offered a Cheetah Activity Kit for children!!! All of the proceeds go to help support the animals at Wild Wonders!!! I purchased a Cheetah kit for my family members, and they absolutely loved it! There is another activity kit available as well for bear cats!!  You could check that kit out as well.


I loved the colorful cheetah pictures on the first page of my “Cheetah Activity Kit!”


I used a color printer to print out all of the pages, and it turned out beautifully! I used a hole puncher to punch the holes and then used book rings to hold all of the pages together to form an activity book. If you would like similar book rings to the ones that I used, click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link.


I love my new heavy-duty hole punch. I mainly use the hole punch for journaling so I can punch through cardboard easily. I also used the heavy-duty hole punch to make the Cheetah Activity kit booklet. If you like the heavy-duty hole punch that I used, click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link:


You can make a crochet amigurumi Cheetah to go with the fun activity book from Wild Wonders! There is no written pattern at this time for my crochet cheetah, but for those that would like a crochet PDF written pattern to be made for my cheetah, then you could make it your Helenmay crochet special donor member request. Please go to this blog link for details: Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member.

Happy Crocheting everyone and many blessings for everyone’s safety during this covid19 pandemic!

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