Helenmay Crochet My Little Floret Crochet Stitch


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When I was crocheting the “My Little Floret” crochet stitch, I knew I wanted to make a YouTube video tutorial for it! I really loved how the finished crochet design looked and it was so quick and easy too! I decided to use the crochet stitch to make a crochet My Little Floret Casserole Holder as well as a baby blanket! Once you learn how to create the My Little Floret crochet stitch, the crochet projects using the stitch could be endless. I hope that you have fun with it. If you enjoy creating the “My Little Floret” crochet stitch pattern, you may also like the popular “My Little Sweet Pea” crochet stitch.

For most of my crochet kitchen YouTube video tutorials, I also include one of my favorite recipes. For the “My Little Floret” crochet Casserole Dish Holder, I included a delicious carrot cake recipe! You can find the recipe towards the end of the video tutorial.

Crochet My Little Floret YouTube video tutorial:

If you want to try and make the delicious carrot cake recipe, here is a free PDF download for you:

Delicious Carrot Cake Recipe

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You may like these baking dishes, click the picture below, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link:


Here is a picture of my finished Crochet My Little Floret baby blanket:


If you like the border, I made 1 round of sc and then with the “wrong side” facing me, I made 1 round of the “My Little Floret” crochet stitch. I just love how it turned out. The finished crochet baby blanket came out really soft too.  Happy Crocheting everyone!

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