Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Little Magical Whimsical Unicorn



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The crochet PDF written pattern is no longer free on my blog. The step-by-step YouTube video tutorial is still free.

If you are looking for my Crochet Medium-sized Magical Unicorn, here is the direct blog link: Crochet Medium-sized Magical Unicorn

If you are looking for my Crochet Large Unicorn, here is the direct blog link:

Crochet Large Magical Unicorn

Now, for the small, quick, easy, beginner Crochet Little Magical Unicorn

Ravelry direct link for paid PDF written pattern: Crochet PDF written pattern for my small magical unicorn


Step-by-Step YouTube video tutorial for my Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner Little Magical Whimsical Unicorn:

Now, you just need your Free PDF Magical Unicorn Test:

Unicorn Test Page 1

Unicorn Test Answers Page 2



5 thoughts on “Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Little Magical Whimsical Unicorn

  1. This is adoreable. I think I need to whip up a couple of these for my nieces who are absolutely enamored by unicorns.

    1. HelenMay Crochet April 1, 2018 — 6:30 am

      Thank you Dianne! I am testing the crochet PDF written pattern before I give it to my blog subscribers for free. If you would like to have one for free, just email me, and I will send it to you. These crochet unicorn patterns should be good for your favorite horses too. Just leave the horn and wings off. The same thing works with the larger magical unicorn too. My “real large” crochet horse is coming. I am in love with how it is turning out! To my knowledge, it will be the first of its kind made with crochet.

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