Winners for my 1May2018 Giveaways!


Sheila Lynn Kimbrell won the $100 Amazon eGift Card! Congratulations Sheila!!!

Robyn Cowper is the winner of my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Set and $25 Michael’s Gift Card! Congratulations Robyn!!!

Thank you, everyone, for participating in my Giveaways for 1May18!!


2 thoughts on “Winners for my 1May2018 Giveaways!

  1. Thank you for having the Giveaways! I’m in your FB group and just saw yesterday that you have a web page.You have such great patterns. Your You Tube videos are great and so easy to follow!

    1. HelenMay Crochet May 1, 2018 — 12:31 pm

      Thank you very much Lisa! I really appreciate the nice comment! 🙂

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