Crochet Scottish Terrier Amigurumi Dog


I was reading the comments in one of my crochet groups, and I came across a beautiful crochet dog. The lady said that she made the custom crochet dog for a client. When it was time for the client to pay for the crochet dog, the client stated that she didn’t like how fat the face was made. So, the custom crochet dog was made with a slimmer face. When it was time for the client to pay for the crochet dog, the client stated that she wasn’t sure if the person she was buying it for would like it. The client wanted to show it to the person she was gifting it to first, to make sure that they would like it!

This is my opinion, and judging by the response comments most of us are of the same opinion.  Some comments were:

  1. You should make the client pay half the price up front, before making the crochet dog.
  2. Keep the custom crochet dog for yourself.
  3. I can’t say what this person
  4. That is shocking behavior, and your crochet dog is beautiful by the way!
  5.  and so on and so on.

As crocheters, we get so much of this, and a lot of times we underprice our crochet work.  I decided that I wanted to price another one of my crochet dogs, about the same size and quality that the lady made, and I was happy to see some of the prices that I saw on Amazon Handmade and Etsy!!

I am asked this all of the time “Why don’t you sell your beautiful crochet work?”

My response is, I prefer what I am doing, and gifting my crochet work to charity, friends, and family.

Here is the free PDF download for the Product Pricing of my Crochet Scottish Terrier Dog. Make sure that the purchasing client understands that the crochet dog is sold as is, before you make it. You can decide up front if the client will be able to get a refund, or be able to return the custom crochet dog. I would also make sure that they know the size of the crochet product before you start.   Scottish Terrier Crochet Product Pricing

If you sell your crochet dog for less than the recommended price range, make sure that you let the purchasing client know what an amazing deal they are receiving. 🙂

If you would like to make my crochet Scottish Terrier Dog, here is the YouTube video tutorial:


Part 2 of 2



5 thoughts on “Crochet Scottish Terrier Amigurumi Dog”

      1. Besides that it’s a hobby not a job. If I did it for hire I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much. 😀


  1. Hi HelenMay, I have approximately 40 crochet dolls and animals that I made and I am planning to sell some of them. So what is the best site to go to and what is the proper procedure. Please help me. My family and I are planning for a vacation in the Philippines this July and extra cash would be good. Thanks a lot.


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