Crochet Bed Doll Pillow


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I received a message today from Sarah:

“Hi ,
I just saw your video on crocheting a doll
pillow .I think your work is beautiful and would love to make one for my granddaughter..
Can you tell me how you make the pillow for theses dolls.?You demonstrate everything about the dress and attaching the doll but not making the pillow.
Any help would be appreciated,

I replied to Sarah that I have a separate video tutorial for making the pillow. Other people may have trouble finding the separate video tutorial too, so I wanted to make a blog post for the crochet bed doll. One of these days, I plan on making the bed doll a different style dress.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you watch my crochet bed doll pillow, you will find out that I dedicated the video tutorial to my grandmother. The 2 dolls in the pictures above are her dolls. I based my YouTube video tutorial on one of her dolls, as you can see from the pictures. I was so happy to receive these dolls, and I have them in storage. Every time I see them, I remember my grandmother and all of the wonderful memories of her.

After I made the decision to make the video tutorial for the crochet doll, I had to find the perfect doll, and I didn’t realize that I would have difficulties finding an adorable looking doll that sits! My grandmother’s dolls are not removable. Back then, a lot of people made the bed dolls a part of the dress with just the torso of the doll. The first doll that I purchased was very beautiful, but sadly she wouldn’t sit! So, I set out for a doll that was beautiful, inexpensive, and would sit. I finally found the perfect doll:


Now, they have the same doll that has sing along.

Here are some other dolls that you may like. Just click on the picture to go directly to the Amazon site:












You can even get an Animator’s Collector set!!!!

Now, that you have some excellent choices for a doll, you are ready to start your crochet bed doll! I hope that you will share a picture of your finished crochet bed doll with me on Facebook!  Here are the YouTube video tutorials:

Here is how to make the crochet pillow for your crochet bed doll:


On YouTube comments, Donna said: “Please could you tell me what size the pink pillow is so I’ll know what to buy and should it be square?”

I replied: “Hi Donna! The pink pillow is approximately 18″ x 18″. I just look for an inexpensive throw pillow about that size. It is preferable to get a circular pillow, but I used the pink square pillow because it was on sale for only $5. Once you squeeze it into the crochet covering for the bed doll, people won’t be able to tell if it is circular or square. I also show you how to make one with an inexpensive rectangular pillow with only half to 3/4 stuffing remaining in it. You can make one of those for around $3 and you will have leftover stuffing for some cute amigurumi. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any additional questions. :)”

In the video tutorial, I made my own pillow insert. Sarah told me that she bought a 16 inch round pillow insert that fit perfectly (For those that want to buy a pillow insert). Thank you Sarah for letting us know.


I also show how to make a crochet hooded cape for your bed doll:

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