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I will be putting all of the different crochet Flower video tutorials here for easy access. You can check back with this blog post periodically to see if I have added any more crochet flowers.

  1. Helenmay Crochet Quick and Easy Rose:

If you wanted to add a stem for your crochet flower, this video tutorial will show you how:

Instead of using yarn on the stem, you could also use floral tape.


You can also quickly and easily attach your crochet rose flower to a pen!

2. Classic Vintage Crochet Rose. This crochet rose is flat, and you can make it as small, or large, as you want.

3. Crochet Gazania Flower

4. Crochet Double Cherry Blossom Flower

5. Crochet Daisy: I made this daisy into a Hot Pad/ Potholder.

6. African Flower Granny Square:

7. Crochet Beautiful Flower Granny Square. Attach any crochet flower design you want to the Granny Square.

This craft idea would be a lot of fun to hold your crochet flowers!

8. Crochet Orchid Flower:


Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members are eligible to receive the free PDF written pattern for my Orchid Flower. At the top of my blog’s HOME page you will see the contact link. Contact me and request this free PDF written pattern!  Here is the direct link to the FREE step-by-step YouTube video tutorial for my Crochet Orchid Flower:

Crochet Beautiful Orchid Flower

There is a separate YouTube video tutorial for the Crochet Large Bunny Rabbit. There is also a paid PDF written pattern for my Large Crochet Bunny Rabbit that can be found on Ravelry. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Crochet Large Bunny Rabbit PDF written pattern

Last updated 14Mar19

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