Don’t Worry BEE Happy



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Anne Duncan commented on my YouTube Channel: “Love this. Am making it for a little one who beat cancer but is paralyzed by the effects of treatment. She has a thing for bees. I was just taught a new way to make stripes. Finish the last stitch so there’s one loop on the hook. Pull new yarn through. Slip stitch in next stitch. Crochet around making sure you crochet in the stitch with the slip stitch. It looks very neat. I’ll try to send you a picture on Facebook.”
I replied: “I am so sorry to hear about the little one that is paralyzed due to the effects of treatment, but so happy that they beat the cancer. I hope that she loves the bee that you made her. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I love these crochet amigurumi bees! I made them for my nieces. I have some free PDF downloads that you can find on my blog.”
These were obtained for free from National Geographic Kids Check out their website for more free downloadable educational material and activities for children.
Front Page:
Second Page:
Third Page:
Fourth Page:
Fifth Page:
Sixth Page:
Seventh Page:
Eighth Page:
Ninth Page:
Tenth Page:
god and the bee book
If you like the “God and the Bee” book, it is available on Amazon Prime. Click on the picture or here.
You may also like these other Bee related books:
If you like the book shown in the picture above, click the picture or here, to go to the affiliate link.  This is the book that I shared some interesting bee facts on Facebook.
Here is the direct link to my step-by-step YouTube video tutorial to make your own crochet amigurumi bee:
If you would like to make a crochet bee potholder and/or Kitchen Towel topper, here is the direct link:
Click on the picture above, or here to go to the bee kitchen towel. If you would like the bee kitchen towel set, click here.
For the “Bee Happy”  kitchen towel set, click here.
You may like my Crochet Bee Potholder Hotpad too! Here is the direct link to the YouTube video tutorial:
In some of my kitchen YouTube video tutorials, I include recipes. In my crochet bee hot pad potholder video tutorial, I gave a helpful hint regarding how to store your basil pesto. I found an even better container.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to get the same tray, here is the direct link:

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