Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner Fiesta Ripple Potholder or Tawashi Dress and more designs!



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What is a Tawashi?!?!?

“A tawashi (たわし or 束子lit., a bundle) is a scrubbing brush for wet cleaning, of a style that is popular in Japan. Traditionally, tawashis were made of a hemp palm.

In Japan, sponges used for rubbing and washing are now treated as forms of tawashi.”

From Wikipedia

Your Tawashi Crochet Fiesta Ripple Dress can fit over a dish soap container



The only reason that I made the Crochet Fiesta Ripple Dress Potholder and/or Kitchen Towel Topper was because of Anne. She made crochet potholder dresses using my very first Crochet Dress Potholder YouTube video tutorial, and she loved them. All of the little crochet dress potholders that you find on my YouTube channel were due to her crochet requests for more through my YouTube Channel. She loved the crochet ripple design, and the Crochet Fiesta Ripple Dress Potholder Design that I made became my personal favorite. I loved all of the different colors, and I show how I matched the colors to the beautiful, and colorful, hanging Mexican Kitchen Tiles. You can also use a color wheel to help choose your colors.


If you like the crochet loop that I made for hanging the crochet dress, I chained 14.

Would you like the perfect gift to go with your Crochet Dress Potholder and/or Tawashi?

zing boxes Click on “Gifts” at the top of their home page.

Make sure that you check out their delicious recipes too! You can find the recipe link, and more, at the top of their Home Page.

If you would like the paid written pattern for the crochet Ripple Dress, here is the direct link to Ravelry:

Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner Fiesta Ripple Potholder or Tawashi Dress

Here is the free step-by-step YouTube Video Tutorial:

My recommendation would be to use 100% cotton when making your crochet potholder and/or Tawashi.  If you are just making a Tawashi then you can have fun and add yarns like this white polyester yarn. My personal favorite is this yarn that is shown in pink , but they come in different colors. I love white. It is the softest scrubby yarn that I have found to date. It would be a little difficult for beginners, so I don’t recommend using this yarn at first for a beginner.

If you would like to hang your crochet potholder dresses here is a direct link for a hooked kitchen wall mount: kitchen wall mount with hooks.

On “I Love this Cotton” yarn, it says that you can machine wash, but when I first hand washed mine, the colors bled for the initial wash. My recommendation is to hand wash at first and then when it no longer bleeds the colors, you can machine wash.  If you are selling them, or gifting them, here is your free downloadable PDF care instructions to go with your cute crochet Fiesta Ripple Dresses!

Care Instructions Fiesta Ripple Dress

On YouTube comments, Elaine said: “I have tried and tried to make the count come out right. I have the 90 around, I have the stitch markers in the count that you say, but to get the count of the stitches that you say it will be in front and back, and side to side will not come out. Only one side of the 4 comes out right. How is this happening? I have counted and recounted and counted again and it will not come out to the numbers you say. Can you help me with this?”

Here is a pictorial break down of the stitch count for those that may still be having difficulties getting the initial stitch count correct. The blue numbers are where you place your st markers. The black numbers are what your stitch count should be in the front, the back, and both sides of the round:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The following are different styles that you can create for your crochet potholder dress!

My very first YouTube video tutorial was for an acrylic yarn crochet potholder dress. Someone brought me a cute little crochet dress and asked me if I could make a similar one for her. Around this time, I was reading My favorite magazine which had an article about YouTube, and my first YouTube video tutorial was made:

Part 2 of 2:

I had so much fun creating these adorably cute crochet potholder dresses! They are so easy and quick to make. They also make amazing gifts!

You don’t use them to grab hot items out of the oven. You use them to set hot pots on after bringing the hot item out of the oven. I began making these using inexpensive 100% acrylic yarn, but multiple people would come on my channel and leave comments about how people should use 100% cotton to make these. This is how I learned that acrylic yarn is made with petroleum products. If you set very hot items on acrylic yarn, you will get a “sheen” on your crochet product because it melts slightly. You can still use acrylic yarn to make these, but just don’t set hot items on them. You can use them as cute decorations at parties, and just set cooled items on them. For example, a large fruit bowl, or a large salad bowl etc.. or you can just set them in between your buffet items. You can also hang them as decoration.

Here are more crochet Potholder or Tawashi dresses that you may love!

Crochet Easy and Beautiful Vintage dress Towel Topper Set. It includes a Refrigerator Magnet Dress:


This video tutorial shows how you can make a fun crochet loop at the top of your crochet potholder/Tawashi dress:


You are sure to love my Sunshine Cottage Potholder/Tawashi Dress!!!


Are you gifting wine? This crochet potholder/tawashi dress and kitchen towel topper set is for you!

Don’t forget the adorable crochet grapes!


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