My Number One YouTube Video Tutorial as of 30Jun18.


Olivia M. sent me a message on my YouTube Channel. She is a beginner crocheter, and she stated that this was an excellent YouTube video tutorial. She had 2 questions for me that I thought other people may like to have answered as well. I love this video tutorial too because it is so quick and easy, but the textured beauty created makes it look difficult to others. This is one of my go-to quick and easy crochet baby blankets.  If you would like to see my other go-to quick and easy beginner crochet baby blanket, here is the direct link: Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Elegant Baby Blanket

The 2 questions that she had: 1) Do I count the starting chain when I count stitches? The answer is yes. 2) Do I always end with a DC? The answer is no.

If anyone needs additional, and more detailed help, please personal message me on my public Facebook page: Helenmay Crochet Public Facebook Page

I show in detail in this video tutorial how to make this gorgeous textured stitch pattern. The beginner will be able to practice basic crochet stitches also!

I used the above crochet “My Little Sweet Pea” baby blanket for my profile picture on my blog. This baby blanket was made with one of my crochet Pitter Patter Baby Sets. An alternative crochet baby blanket that you can use is the braided cable baby blanket.


If you would like to see more information about my Crochet Pitter Patter Baby Set, here are the free PDF downloads:

Crochet Pitter Patter Baby Set Page 1 (1)

Crochet Pitter Patter Set page 2

Crochet Pitter Patter Set Page 3

Crochet Pitter Patter Set page 4

Crochet Pitter Patter Set Page 5

Do you want more crochet baby item fun? You are going to love this blog post!

Here is the direct link: Free crochet baby shower favor dress written pattern and more baby fun!!!


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