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Liz asked me if I had crochet water bottle holders. I have two crochet water bottle holder YouTube video tutorials.

If you would like a very quick, easy, beginner crochet water bottle holder, this YouTube video tutorial is for you:

I made the design above for a lady that told me that she likes to make these for the veterans in wheelchairs, because they could use the crochet ties to attach them, and carry them around easily. You can use different yarn colors for fun!

If you want a fancier crochet bottle holder, you are going to love this design:

If you would like to make the whole matching Crochet Heavenly Blessing Set, here is the direct link: Click on the picture.


If you would like to attach an adorable keychain to your water bottle, you may like some of my recommendations. They would make a wonderful gift for others, or for yourself. 🙂

The same keychain that I used in the picture above, click here. Prime eligible.

This starfish keychain comes in different colors! Prime eligible.

This crystal turquoise Seahorse keychain is gorgeous! Prime eligible.

This design is Handmade by Heaven n Earth Designs, and I think you are going to love it!!!!


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