What to do with your loose change/coins


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Some of you may know that one of my Crochet Amigurumi Boxer Dog’s named “Brindle” has a secret compartment that makes her a coin bank! If you would like to see how I made her, here is the YouTube video tutorial that shows how I did it:


Anyway, “Brindle” was getting very full of coins. There were way too many coins for me to wrap myself and take to the bank. So, for the first time ever, I decided to use Coinstar. I was expecting to have to pay 11% for using the service, but was very happily surprised to see that the Coinstar that I went to offered more than one option!!! I could take cash and pay the 11% service fee, or I could get an Amazon e-gift card without any service fee!!! Of course, I chose the Amazon e-gift card! LOL! You will see what I used inside of “Brindle” for the coin bank in my YouTube video tutorial. The item that I used worked perfectly!!! I just carried it into the location with the Coinstar (It was quite heavy with coins) and began pouring my coins out of the opening of the container. I had to reach in and unclog it once in a while, but it worked well. If you think that you may have difficulties lifting the heavy container up, you may want to transfer your coins to a bag first.  A nice lady saw me emptying my coins into the Coinstar and asked me if the machine wrapped the coins for me..lol…I told her that it took the coins in exchange for an Amazon e-gift card for 1:1! I love it!  How much did “Brindle’s” coin bank deliver? Let us just say that “Brindle” is a good doggie. A very, very, good doggie!

Click here if you want the same container that I used in “Brindle.”

Do you like “Brindle’s” Cowboy boot charm? If so, you may like these direct links to similar charms:

pink rhinestone cowboy boot charm for Cancer Awareness bling

This boot charm comes with a cowgirl hat too!

You are going to love this set with matching earrings!


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