Picture Perfect Crochet Christmas Hats



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One year, I decided to make the whole family Crochet Christmas Hats for our Christmas pictures. Everyone loved their crochet Christmas hats!


If you would like to make your own Crochet Christmas Hat, here is the direct link:

Here is a free downloadable PDF for my adorably cute crochet baby elf hat:

Helenmay Crochet Baby Elf Hat


Here is the direct link to the video tutorial for the Christmas Holly with Berries:


You can use the Crochet Christmas Holly as a hair tie also!


For other fun crochet Christmas ideas, here is the direct link:

Blog post: Christmas Crochet Heirlooms

Crochet Absolutely Adorable Reindeer. Rudolph too!

How could anyone not love these adorable heirloom boy and girl Christmas Elves?


Do you love the Christmas inflatables? Here are some direct links to ones that you may like. Click on the picture or links below:


Self-inflatable Christmas Dog!


Who wouldn’t want to see Santa and his reindeer in your yard!!!

20161215_161226 - Copy.jpg

If you like the mouse sleeping on the package, you may love the direct link below to the mouse sleeping in a cup.


Adorable Christmas Mouse Sleeping in a Cup.

I hope that you will share pictures of your finished crochet work with me on Facebook. Here is the direct link to my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel Facebook Group. It is free to join!

Here is the direct link to my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel.

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