Crochet SHARK Fest!


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A family member first asked me for crochet shark slippers. They wanted to make them for someone else as a gift, and they wanted me to make a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial showing how to make them. I couldn’t believe how popular they were! I loved making them so much that I decided to make the crochet baby shark slippers, and then, of course, I had to make the matching crochet shark outfits!

I get asked a lot about my crochet shark slippers and matching crochet baby outfits. Today on YouTube comments, Tamela M. said: “Hi Do you have a video for the whole outfit could not find it Thank you😀.”

So, I decided to create a blog post so that people could find everything easily.

Crochet Easy Beginner Adult Shark Slippers YouTube video tutorial:


Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Baby crochet shark slippers:

Crochet Easy Baby Shark Sweater with removable Shark Hat:

Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Baby Pants:

Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Skirt

You may like these baby shark toys to go with your crochet shark items:

My granddaughter’s favorite baby shark song book

My granddaughter’s favorite baby shark bath toy!

The kids love my oven mitts! Here are some similar ones:

Cute oven mitts. There are also other options to choose from.

This is the baby shark song that my granddaughter used to love to sing!!! She loved doing the hand gestures as well.


You may also like my Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL for the year 2020! I have all kinds of cute Under the Sea creatures graphed out, and they are free downloads!

One of my favorite ocean characters was the shark:


If you would like to learn how to Tunisian Crochet a Graphghan, check out my Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL for the year 2020. Click here, or the picture above to go directly to the blog link.

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