Hop on the Snowball Express!!! Finished 14Feb19.


The random free prize giveaway is finished 14FEb19. To see the prize winners here is the You Tube Video:

The first place name drawn requested a $100 Hobby Lobby gift card.

The Second place name drawn requested a $50 Amazon e-gift card.

The Third place name drawn requested a $50 Amazon e-gift card.


The following is the old blog post:

You know me! I am always looking for a great charity to help! Well, I found a great one next year for both crocheters and knitters! #snowballexpress#helenmaycrochet
They have allowed plenty of time to complete the crochet/knit blanket because the Snowball Express takes off next Christmas 2019.


Gary Sinise (Lt Dan from Forest Gump) is supporting this charity for military children who have lost a parent. If you would like to learn more about it, here is the direct link:


It is not easy putting on such a charitable event! I hope that you will share this with all of your crochet/knit friends and do your part to help everyone make the Snowball Express a memorable one for these dear children! You can use whatever crochet/knit pattern that you want. Here are the details for the blanket guidelines: Charity blanket guidelines.

If you want to participate in my random free giveaway, here are my guidelines: Helenmay snowball express random free giveaway guidelines.
I may make more than one, and I haven’t decided which ones to make yet. If you like one of the following patterns just click on the title or picture to go directly to the link.

Don’t have time for a full crochet baby blanket, you can use a fleece blanket and crochet a border (Follow the charity blanket guidelines for size)!

I created a new crochet clamshell border for a #Snowballexpress blanket. If you would like to make it too, here is the direct link to the blog post:


Click on the picture above or this direct link: Crochet Clamshell Border Blog Post.

Here is the free YouTube video tutorial for an easy crochet Shell Border:

My most recent addition to YouTube:

My Little Tiny Tulip Crochet Baby Blanket Quick Easy Beginner Step by Step YouTube video tutorial:


I am thinking that my crochet precious angel will be a must have:

Crochet Precious Angel Baby Blanket


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My crochet Sweet Pea baby blanket 


Crochet Beautiful Easy Baby Blanket

Creates a gorgeous and unique shell design.


Crochet Easy Baby Blanket with matching headband

This crochet pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters because you will learn a lot of new crochet stitches!!

crochetbabyblanket4 - Copy.jpg

This crochet Easy Baby Blanket video tutorial is a smaller version of the picture above. Some beginners could follow a little easier and make a security blanket instead:

For the Crochet Easy Baby Blanket above, I wanted to show this comment made to me on YouTube:

Lori M commented:
“I tried to make your blanket and I failed. The blanket did not come out even. The rows of the blanket kept getting shorter and shorter. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?”
I replied:
“Hi Lori, that is why this is the perfect beginner crochet blanket. Not only does it teach a lot of different crochet stitches, but it also shows how to keep your stitch count correct and your edges even. The stitch count is one to one and the edges are always made the same. For beginners, I always recommend making the smaller version first for practice, which is why I usually show a crochet baby wipe holder/wallet or a security blanket. My guess would be that you may have messed up on the edges, or the cross stitches. It probably was the cross stitches, but an easy remedy would be to count your finished cross stitches for the row. You should always have the same number of cross stitches for each row, and they should always line up. This blanket is really easy because all of the crochet stitches should line up, and they are one to one. Here is the direct link to the crochet security blanket, which is a smaller version of this exact crochet baby blanket (That way you can still have a little stroller security baby blanket before making the matching larger baby blanket): Same YouTube video tutorial above for the security blanket.”

Crochet Waves of Love Baby Blanket


This stunning crochet baby blanket would make anyone happy!!! Crochet Heirloom Rainbow Chevron Baby Blanket:



This crochet blanket uses a double crochet cross stitch alternating front loop and back loop for a beautiful crochet blanket design:

Crochet Rainbow Ripple Dreamz baby blanket



Use a smaller crochet hook with this one to avoid large crochet gaps.

My Easy Beginner Crochet Elegant Baby Blanket:



Crochet Braided Cable Baby Blanket Pictorials and Border:

If you have any more questions, or want to know where to mail the blankets, here is the direct link: Its Crochet o Clock Snowball Express



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