Fleece Blanket with a Crochet Clam Shell Border


I spoke with a lady from one of the local yarn groups that meet weekly. She said that she was interested in hearing about the #snowballexpress charity. So, I went to one of their meetings. I printed up information about the #snowballexpress charities goal of collecting blankets for the children next year 2019. I also printed up information about my random free giveaway for the charity.

If you would like to make a blanket to send to the charity, here is the direct link:

Hop On The Snowball Express!!

If you would like to make a blanket for the charity, and participate in my random free giveaway, here is the direct link:

Current Contests and Giveaways

I answered all of their questions about what the charity was all about. One lady pulled out a fleece blanket with a crochet border and asked if she could send something like that. I said sure, because it met the blanket guidelines. I decided to add the fleece blanket crochet border video tutorial to my list of blankets eligible for my giveaway.  Sarah commented on my Facebook page about it and shared a picture of her beautiful fleece blanket with a crochet border. She said that she wanted to make one for the charity and participate in my giveaway. I also got a response from Susie and Claudia. So, I decided to add one more prize to the giveaway because I know that a lot of crocheters donate their time and materials to a lot of charities. I added one $100 gift card from Joanns craft store, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels craft store to the random free prizes.

When I saw Sarah’s beautiful fleece blanket with a crochet border, I decided to make one myself and made a new YouTube video tutorial showing how to make the Crochet Clam Shell Border.


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