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Crochet Pictures Shared During the Year 2019


For the year 2019, I am posting all of the pictures shared with me for the year 2019 on this blog post. Anyone who makes a crochet item from any of my free Helenmay Crochet YouTube video tutorials and/or crochet written patterns and submits a picture of their finished crochet work will become a Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member.

Some people may ask this question:

“Why are some names listed more than once on your Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member golden brick wall?”

Answer: People who have donated money to my blog get their name entered every time they donate. If you submit multiple pictures of your finished crochet work, you will only have your name on the wall once (Unless you donate money too).

There will be 2 separate free prize drawings at the end of the year 2019. One random free prize drawing will be for all of the Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members. The other free prize drawing will be for one of the people who shared the most pictures of their finished crochet work using one of my free YouTube video tutorials and/or written patterns. You can share multiple pictures on one finished crochet item, but the finished crochet item will only be entered once. If a person submits multiple pictures of different finished crochet items, they will be entered for each finished crochet item. If you have any additional questions, please let me know. You will find the “Contact” link at the top of my HOME page.

I welcome any fun and positive comments regarding your favorite finished crochet items!! Again, please remember that the prize at the end of the year is a surprise. No purchase necessary!! Happy Crocheting!!!! I will announce the prize a little later in the year. Void where prohibited. I am not responsible for lost or damaged mail. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate or provide a letter from a parent/guardian that gives you permission to participate. I am not liable for anything related to this free giveaway. If you participate then you agree to all of my rules and guidelines.

 If you would like to see pictures submitted prior to the year 2019, here is the direct link: Beautiful Crochet Work!

Here are the pictures submitted so far for the year 2019!



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