Crochet Storage and Accessory Ideas!


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The above picture is not my craft room. I found the picture online. I liked the way that she used the white bins to hold her yarns. Unfortunately, I don’t have a room dedicated to just my crochet. Some of you may find that surprising considering the amount of crocheting that I do. However, I have taken over a couple of closets, space under beds, space in the garage, space in the guest room, and I have a craft room that doubles as a weight room for my hubby…lol..This may sound familiar to other crocheters. I have seen jokes about how we crocheters collect yarn like other people may collect shoes. For me it is true, I use the hanging closet shoe storage bins for yarn:


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Spring cleaning/organizing is always a great idea. You don’t want to let the yarn take over your house. Also, if you don’t know what yarn you have, it is easy to just buy more, which will compound the yarn storage problem.

Another storage problem that I had was craft ribbons. I could never find the color ribbon, that I wanted, when I wanted it. So, in 2016 I made a YouTube video tutorial showing how I organized my craft ribbons using a hanger:

An Easy Way to Organize Your Craft Ribbons

The method worked well, but I would end up leaving the empty ribbon spool on the hanger, and I would have to untie it to add more ribbon spools. This year, I upgraded to a better method.


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This hanging bag fits perfectly in your closet and it doesn’t use much space at all! I dedicate mine to mostly ribbons. I don’t have the one displayed in the picture, but I have a similar one. I like the one in the picture because it has a storage area that looks like it would work perfectly for crochet hooks!!! LOL! Now, I never have a problem finding the color ribbon that I want, I don’t waste money on ribbons, and I am easily able to replace the ribbon spool if I run out. It also looks chic hanging in my closet.


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This year, I was starting to collect a lot of items near my computer station: journal, crochet patterns, crochet books, pens, and electronic cords etc… So, I began a search for a little carrying caddy/organizer. That is when I discovered the diaper caddy/organizer. I have the exact one in the picture above, and I love it! It sits on my computer station (kitchen table..LOL), and I can carry it easily to put it away when I am finished. I love it.

If I think of other great storage tips that have helped me, I will place them here. Last updated 30Mar19.

1 thought on “Crochet Storage and Accessory Ideas!”

  1. I use the shelves on my entertainment center and one extra basket. That way I can. Easily see how much yarn I have and what colors. Then I have a small basket beside my chair with the projects I am working on. When they are finished they go right into the mailing box to wherever they are headed.


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