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I am not an affiliate for J.T. House Crochet School.  Any link that you see on my blog that goes to J.T. House is a non-affiliate link. Julia Tushnicka who is the creator of the Crochet Magazines contacted me. She sent me a free magazine in exchange for reviewing her crochet magazine on YouTube 7Feb19:

I absolutely love my magazine. As most of you know, I rarely use such tiny crochet hooks. I attempted some of her crochet designs with larger crochet hooks.

I use a modified Crochet Cinderella Flower design as a kitchen hot pad.


I used I Love this Cotton yarn in the picture above.


In the picture above, I used her Avery Flower crochet design. I used my 3.25mm crochet hook. Finished Avery Flower Measuring 4″ x 2.5.”


I love the thread yarn that I chose to make it with. It is hard to see it in the picture, but the thread yarn has a metallic sparkle to it. I found this thread yarn at Hobby Lobby. It is called Hilaza Rustica Omega Eclat 10 thread yarn. I loved it so much that I purchased 2 more for storage.


I think that the thread yarn worked perfectly with a 3.25mm crochet hook. The above picture is part of the Crochet Flower Cinderella pattern by JT House Magazine issue 01. Since I am using a larger crochet hook and a different style of thread yarn, it comes out slightly different, but I am able to follow along with her pattern.  If I use her crochet design as embellishment, I will modify it slightly. What I really love is how she shows how to create new crochet techniques that you may not have used, or thought of, before.


The above picture is of the Crochet Flower Cinderella pattern slightly modified. I used a larger crochet hook and my “I Love this Cotton” yarn to create a hot pad out of the design. I use it in my kitchen.


I may use some of her crochet techniques as crochet embellishment on my future crochet projects. I will refer people to her magazine if they like the crochet embellishments. I am not an affiliate. I received the magazine for free to try, and I love it, which is why I was happy to make a YouTube video tutorial about Julia, her crochet work, and her site.

If you are able to use the smaller crochet hooks, and her style of yarn, you may love some of her crochet kits. As some of you may know, I rarely go smaller than a 3.25mm crochet hook. That is just my preference. However, I am going to attempt her Crochet Top Elina package which will include the yarn and a 1.75mm crochet hook!!! I will post more about it here. I just ordered the package today 30Mar19.


After I made the order, JTHouse immediately sent me the complete course via email!!!! I created a file folder on my computer to hold the course. JT House gives you complete details regarding how to access your crochet course. I had to download the app “Dropbox” on my phone and computer in order to access the crochet course files. Dropbox was downloaded for free. Also, I was informed that I should receive my crochet yarn kit to make the Crochet Top Elina within a couple of weeks. I will make a YouTube video of the yarn kit when I receive it. 🙂  31Mar19

I received my yarn kit from JTHouse Crochet School! It felt like Christmas opening it up!!! I love it!!

Update 9Jun20. I am almost finished with all of the motifs for the top Elina. I am still not a fan of the tiny crochet hooks, but I love all of the motifs. I have decided that I would rather use the motifs to make a bag instead of the top Elina. I have learned a lot by making the fun motifs!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am slowly going to be working on her crochet course, but I will put pictures of some of the finished motifs.


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As I was making my crochet motifs for the Top Elina, I discovered this amazing magnifying device. I especially love it while I am relaxing and crocheting while watching television. It has a light on it too! It is battery operated. I love mine!! If you would like to check it out, I have provided affiliate links for you. Click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link.


I have made a lot of progress with my Top Elina!! I can’t wait until I can put the gorgeous pieces together!!

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I plan on making a bag with the motifs instead of the top. Last updated 9Jun20

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