Scheepjes CALs


I am not affiliated or sponsored by Scheepjes. I just wanted to talk about their famous Crochet-Alongs (CALs). There are two of their most recent CALs that I particularly like, but they have others on their site too. These CALs are available for free download on the Scheepjes site. If you haven’t already, I would recommend creating a favorites crochet file. I have several favorite crochet pattern files on my computer, but I also back up the computer file on a back-up memory device. You never know when inspiration will strike, and you can go back to your favorites at any time. You never know how long the patterns will be available either, or if you can ever find them again.

The first Scheepjes CAL I will talk about is the Ubuntu CAL from 2018:

“UBUNTU is a word that originates from the Nguni Bantu language meaning “humanity towards others”, but it is much more than that and so hard to define with just one word or sentence. Through Crochet-A-longs, designer Dedri has found a community that constantly reminds her of the essence of Ubuntu: connection, community, and mutual caring for all.

The talented Dedri Uys from the blog LookatWhatIMade designed this beautiful CAL in collaboration with Scheepjes.” I downloaded and saved my free version a while ago, but I wanted to mention it again here. Here is the direct link to the Scheepjes site:

Ubuntu CAL on the Scheepjes site.

For some reason, I never noticed the Scheepjes CAL from the year 2017. Yesterday I was perusing over Instagram and I ran across this beauty:

People are still mentioning it on Instagram. It was exactly what I was looking for. Some of you may know that I am eventually going to make my own sewing/crochet holder. I am slowly gathering ideas and trying to formulate how I want to make mine. One of the ideas that I am considering is the use of cross-stitch/embroidery in my design. One of my favorite cross-stitch/embroidery designers is Carolyn Pearce:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck trying to find her book with the embroidery pattern. It has sold out on this site: Inspirations Magazine

There is a blogger named Janet that made one of them, and the pictures above are of the one that she made. Here is her blog link: Janet Grangers Blog

I don’t plan on making one just like Carolyn Pearce’s, but I am gathering ideas. So, when I came across Scheepjes 2017 CAL using cross-stitch and embroidery on crochet, I loved it!!

If you would like to download their free 2017 CAL, here is the direct link:

Scheepjes 2017 CAL

If you would like to see some of the other Crochet Hook Holder/Sewing Kit ideas that I have, here is the direct link to the blog post:

Top 5 popular crochet hook holder and sewing kit designs

Happy Crocheting!!!

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