Top Crochet Designer and PDF Written Pattern Recommendations


One day I was googling top crochet designers because I wanted to see their crochet designs and PDF written patterns. When I saw most of the lists that showed up, I realized that I wanted to make my own list. I am not affiliated, or sponsored, by the people that I am recommending on the following list.  The people will be listed in the order that I found them.  These are all crochet designers that I think are incredible. I will be adding to this list periodically. I will make a note regarding the crochet patterns that I have purchased from the respective designer(s).  Some of these PDF written patterns are intended for the more experienced crocheters and for those that would like to learn new crochet skills.  If you would like to check out my Crochet PDF written patterns, here is the direct Ravelry link: Helenmay Crochet PDF written patterns

Again, the following crochet written pattern recommendations are in the order that I found them. I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the following designers. Once you are proficient with reading crochet patterns, and want to advance your crochet skills, here are some of my recommendations I will post the most recent finds at the top of the list:

Last updated 31May20.

Crochet Designs by Noelle Stiles


Hilda Stein has a blog named Ilonaslowlifecreations. I was so happy to discover her site! I love ALL of her crochet work! The crochet work that you see in the picture drew me to her site, but you have to check out all of her other CALs too!!! Did I mention that she has all of her PDF written patterns for FREE download on her site! Please consider donating to her site, if you download her patterns. Awesome Crochet Treasure Find!!! I am not affiliated or associated with Hilda Stein or her site. I just love her crochet work!


Grace Fearon is an award-winning crochet lace designer:


Susan Pinner CoronaCal 21Mar20


Be sure to check out her crochet Running Bear CAL from the year 2018.

Lisa Mauser “This Little Hook of Mine:”

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The Guy With The Hook Mark Roseboom

Some of my personal favorites are the Spice Market CAL and the Medina Mosaic Tiles, but he has other gorgeous patterns on his Ravelry site too!

Catherine Bligh

My favorite crochet design from her at this time is her Crochet Kaleidoscope blanket!! Stunningly gorgeous!  This CAL started Nov19 and is ongoing as of 2/19/20. Did I mention that all of her Crochet PDF Written Patterns are for free download on Ravelry?!??



B, Crochet-tive Designs


Carolyn Christmas Designs



I also wanted to share this PDF letter from Carolyn


Carolyn’s letter

Victoria Gogolak Crochetrend Ravelry Store

There are a lot of fun crochet patterns to choose from, but these were my personal favorites:

Crochetrend shrug pattern:



Spike Leaves Hat:


Portofino Sweater and Blue Lace Cardigan by Sophie and Me




Sashiko Happy Coat by Peppergoose (Susan Walsh)



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Carolina Guzman’s Ravelry Store:

Carolina has several beautiful crochet designs to choose from!


Tatsiana Kupryianchyk



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Her website is: LillaBjorn Crochet World. Check out the FREE crochet written patterns on her site!

Other Crochet Designer recommendations:

Priscillas Crochet




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When I first saw the Crochet Mattelasse Afghan created by Priscilla’s Crochet, I had to make one for my granddaughter. I also put my finished crochet baby blanket into my Crochet Diaper Favor YouTube Video Tutorial. When people saw it, they kept asking me about how they could get the crochet pattern too. After that, I saw an explosion of crochet designs using the crochet popcorn stitch just like Priscillas!! She still has this crochet Mattelasse Afghan written pattern as a free PDF download on her site!! She has a ton of other free PDF crochet written pattern downloads for you to check out as well!!! I have already downloaded a lot to put in my crochet written pattern Treasure Chest! Thank you Priscilla’s Crochet!! I absolutely love your crochet work! Here is the direct link again to her site: Priscillas Crochet

MalaDesign on Etsy:


The adorable face in the above picture caught my attention. You know that I absolutely love dragons! I couldn’t pass up the adorable “Lucky” the dragon!!

Even though I have 3 crochet unicorn patterns of my own on Ravelry, I fell in love with MalaDesign’s crochet Unicorn!!  I am sure that I can learn additional crochet techniques with her gorgeous pattern.


I wanted to purchase a lot more of MayaDesign crochet patterns, but I controlled myself. I couldn’t resist the adorable crochet cats though!!


I hope you enjoy her crochet pattern site as much as I did!!


I used the skills that I learned making this crochet bear on my Crochet Large Mustang Horse and Unicorn.  I talk a little more about it on the Crochet Mustang blog link. She has a lot of pictures too. I didn’t have any difficulties following along with her pattern.


I just purchased this Master Designer’s Crochet Top Elina course, and I was blown away! She is truly a Master Crochet Designer/Teacher. I was so impressed that I offer one of her courses as a prize choice for my Crochet Amigurumi Contest for the year 2019 Top prize.

I am going to slowly work on her crochet course, and I will post updates regarding my progress. I loved her course so much that I printed the whole course, and put it in paper protectors and binders.


Make sure that you are purchasing your PDF written pattern in English.  I was amazed by all of the beautiful crochet design choices offered on this site. I used PayPal without any difficulties. I was instantly able to download my Crochet PDF Dragon written patterns easily. They are written in a slightly different crochet style than I am used to, but the pictures are phenomenal. I haven’t attempted to make my crochet dragons yet, but I have saved, and backed up, my purchased dragon written patterns for later use. There are other amazing amigurumi choices from this designer to choose from too.

  • Elisascrochet on Etsy. I first saw one of her crochet designs on a Designer Crochet Amigurumi Online Contest. Her crochet written pattern designs would be easier to follow for people new to following written crochet patterns. She lists her crochet patterns as intermediate.



Top notch artistic graphgans: Geeky graphghans


Havva Designs has a lot of wonderful crochet goodies to choose from. Her dolls and doll clothes are adorable too! My favorite was the adorable crochet lion. She has a lot of pictures to help you along. I love the different crochet techniques that she used for the nose and the arms and legs.


Narcissus CAL Dec 2019 by Rosina Plane. Free PDF download on Ravelry as of 15Feb20!  This is an ongoing CAL as of this date.



Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL is a masterpiece by Jessica Wifall!! This one is definitely on my to-do list!!  So many crochet beauties and so little time!!

Jessica Wifall also has free PDF downloads for some amazing crochet snowflakes!


Here is the direct link to her crochet snowflake e-book!

Mochila Bags!!! Marion Verloop. One of these days, I will definitely make one of these Mochila Bags!! If you haven’t found her Facebook group and all of the group’s wonderful admins, then you are in for a treat. These ladies put a lot of work in the Crochet Alongs teaching people how to make these wonderful crochet bags!!! Here is the direct link to their Facebook Group: Mochila Bags Facebook Group

Here is the direct link to Marion Verloop’s Ravelry page: Mochila Butterfly Bag


My recommendation is to save your favorite PDF crochet written patterns. You never know how long the crochet pattern will be available.

That is all I have for now. I will update this page periodically.

5 thoughts on “Top Crochet Designer and PDF Written Pattern Recommendations”

  1. Thank you for these suggested designers. They are awesome. I have a question about the Fifi bear pattern: in reading about it she says it’s for knitters and also says for those who have crochet experience. I don’t have any experience with knitting. Does this pattern truly incorporate both skills or can a crochet-only person do this?


    1. You are very welcome! Yes, I am not sure why she put knitter, because the whole pattern is just crochet. I would agree that the crocheter needs to have a little experience before attempting her crochet pattern, but I was able to follow along. I love the free-form crochet skills that I learned from her. I also love how she made the arms and legs for the bear.


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