International Amigurumi Day 25Apr19


Marcia and Bianca came up with the wonderful idea for International Amigurumi Day on 25Apr19! Here is the direct link to find out more about it: Sweet Softies Blog

I heard about it through Maria Pagano on Facebook. Maria said: “Happy International Amigurumi Day Thank you for All you do Miss Helen.”

So, then I started trying to think about how I could celebrate #AmigurumiDay:

To help celebrate International amigurumi day today, I am going to email Marilyn G. today with a crochet amigurumi written pattern gift from Amigurumi Pals Bear Bunny Kitty
I think that the Ravelry pattern is adorable by Karla Fitch.
Marilyn purchased my Ravelry Crochet German Shepherd Police Dog today: Crochet German Shepherd Police Dog
Little does she know that she gets a 2 for 1 pattern surprise today celebrating #amigurumiday
On Marilyn G.’s gift message I said: “
Thank you for your Helenmay Crochet German Shepherd Dog Ravelry purchase. In honor of International Amigurumi Day (#Amigurumiday), I am sending you this free crochet Amigurumi Pals written pattern by Karla Fitch as a free gift from Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel. Happy Crocheting!!!”
Thank you Maria Pagano for sharing with me that it is International Amigurumi Day!
Happy Crocheting everyone!!!
My top Amigurumi YouTube video tutorial at this time:

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