Crochet Vintage Wine Dress Hot Pad, Tawashi, and/or towel topper


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Through a Ravelry Message, Crochet Lover TX said: “Helen, I’m sorry to bother you, I purchased your Fiesta Ripple Potholder or Tawashi Dress on 4/30/2019 cause I thought I had lost the pattern I had. My question is on your pattern called: HelenMay Crochet – How to turn your Crochet Ripple Dress into a towel topper DIY tutorial-How can I make the Fiesta Ripple Potholder into the Wine Dress with the Fiesta Ripple Potholder Pattern? With What Hook Size? I really wanted to make it into a Dish Detergent Dress. Thanks, CrochetLoverTX”

 I replied: “Hello CrochetLoverTX, The crochet wine dress is a different pattern. I don’t have the crochet wine dress written pattern at this time. Since you purchased my Crochet Fiesta Ripple Potholder Dress, I will write the pattern for my Crochet Wine Dress for you. You can use the Crochet Fiesta Ripple Potholder Dress as a dish soap cover too, but it is a different design. When I am finished writing the Crochet Wine Dress pattern out, I will email it to you for free. It will take me some time because I have several projects going on right now, but I hope to finish it for you within 2-3 weeks. Thank you for supporting my crochet work! Happy Crocheting!!”

If you would like to purchase the paid Ravelry PDF written pattern, here is the direct Ravelry link: Crochet Vintage Wine Hot Pad, Potholder, and Towel Topper PDF Written pattern

I have a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial for my Crochet Vintage Wine Potholder Dress:

I haven’t made this crochet dress in a while because I was making my Crochet Fiesta Ripple hot pad dress


If you would like to see some of my other crochet potholders/hotpads/tawashi’s, here is the direct blog link:

Crochet hotpads/potholders/tawashi’s

I loved going back to my Crochet Vintage Wine Dress Hotpad! When I was following along with the YouTube video tutorial, I realized that I didn’t give the stitch count. I have started to give the stitch count more in my newer video tutorials. When you are making my Crochet Vintage Wine Dress, it is very important to get the stitch count right in the beginning. It is easy to miss the very first dc in the round, which will throw off the stitch count and leave you baffled when you are trying to place your stitch markers. So, I decided to make a free PDF download for the beginning stitch count. The rest of the paid Crochet PDF written pattern for my Vintage Wine Dress will be available on Ravelry when it is complete. I will post the direct Ravelry link here also. Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members are eligible for 2 of my free paid PDF written patterns of their choice each year that they donate.

Here is the free PDF download for the Crochet Vintage Wine Dress Hotpad beginning stitch count:

Crochet Wine Vintage Dress Stitch Count

If you are going to use your Crochet Vintage Wine Dress as a Hotpad and/or Tawashi, I would recommend using 100% cotton yarn. My absolute favorite cotton yarn is “I Love This Cotton Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. My next Crochet Vintage Wine Dress Set that I am making for my Crochet PDF written pattern will be with 100% cotton. I will share pictures here when the set is complete.

If you are going to use Yarn Bee Scrubology Cotton be aware that this yarn is more difficult to work with. I would recommend starting the first round with the stitches close together because it is hard to move the stitches once they are in place. With the second and third round, just make sure that you end up with the correct stitch count because the stitches are difficult to see.

I was able to find a gorgeous, and inexpensive, wine kitchen towel to go with my Crochet Vintage Wine Dress kitchen towel topper at Walmart.



Yes, it was only $0.96!!!!! You can’t beat that!


For only $5.96 you could get the potholders, oven mitt, and kitchen towel set, which includes 2 towels and a matching hand towel! I already had matching potholders and an oven mitt, so I only needed the kitchen towel.

You may like the following kitchen towel set that I found on Amazon:


I love the antique bottle opener that it comes with! Prime eligible! To go to the affiliate link, click on the picture above, or here.


I have been needing a new wine bottle corkscrew. So, when I saw the adorably cute dog wine opener, I purchased it! If you want one too, click on the affiliate picture link above, or here.  Prime eligible.


Tell me these dog wine markers wouldn’t be cute at your next wine party?!?!? I couldn’t resist them! They match my wine opener!! LOL!! They are prime eligible, and come in other animal choices too!! Click on the affiliate picture link above, or here, to go to the link.

Crochet Vintage Wine Dress CARE INSTRUCTIONS:
1. Colors may bleed with first wash. Hand wash only separately from other clothes.

2. Wash in cold water.

3. Lay flat to dry.
1. Dish towel or Tawashi
2. Dish detergent cover
3. Wine bottle gift cover
4. Set hot pots on it.
5. Set them out at Potluck Parties for cute decorations.
6. Hang them in your kitchen for both decoration and functional kitchen use.

Here are the free downloadable PDF care instructions and many uses sheets:

Crochet Dress Care Instructions and Uses Page 1

Crochet Dress Care Instructions and Uses Page 2


I like to print mine out on computer printer fabric. Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. Prime eligible.

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