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One of my favorite things to make is crochet baby blankets! I have so many to choose from that I decided to make a blog post where you could easily pick and choose which one of my crochet baby blankets that you would like to make. I will put my most recent crochet baby blanket at the top of the list, and I will continue to add more as I make them. If you are having a baby shower, or going to a baby shower, you may like this blog link: Crochet Baby Shower Fun Ideas!

Fun Free surprise found on 16Jul19

You may like this Crochet PDF written pattern that I found for FREE on Maxim’s website. It is a matching crochet sweater and hat baby set called“Free Sweet Set to Crochet” :


  • Crochet Staggering Beauty Baby Blanket set, includes: Baby blanket, matching baby hat, and baby booties, as well as Spot the amigurumi dog.

Crochet Staggering Beauty Matching Baby Hat:

Crochet Staggering Beauty Matching Baby Booties:

“Spot” the amigurumi dog:

  •  Crochet My Little Tiny Tulip Baby Blanket, Quick, Easy, Beginner:  Set includes a matching Baby Sweater.

Matching Baby Sweater:


  •  Crochet Flower of My Heart Baby cuddle stroller Blanket and matching baby hat:

Matching Baby Hat:

Flower of my Heart Baby Shower Baby Carriage:

  • Crochet Waves of Love Quick Easy Beginner Baby Blanket and security blanket:
    Set includes matching hat and baby booties.

Waves of Love Matching Baby Hat:

Waves of Love Matching Baby Booties:

  • Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Beautiful Baby Blanket and Security Blanket:

Crochet Easy Baby Blanket and matching headband:  For beginners, I would recommend making the smaller security blanket first.

  • Crochet Braided Cable Baby Blanket Pictorials and Border:

Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Perfect Crochet Baby Braided Cable Matching Baby Booties:

Crochet Baby and Toddler Matching Braided Cable Hat:

  • Helenmay Crochet My Little Sweet Pea Baby Blanket Quick Easy Beginner:


  • Mommy and me colorful Baby Cocoon with matching mommy and baby hats:


  • Crochet Turtle rug and/or blanket:
  • How to make a Crochet Shell Border for your baby receiving blanket:


  • Crochet Alternate Border for a Baby Blanket with a ribbon:


  • Crochet Pictorials and short video clip help for Precious Angel Baby Banket:


Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Baby Flowy Baby Skirt:

  • Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner, Rainbow Ripple Dreams Baby Blanket: Set includes matching Baby Dress, Baby Bonnet and Baby Booties.

Crochet Quick Easy Beginner Rainbow Ripple Dreams Baby Booties:

Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner matching Rainbow Ripple Dreams Baby Bonnet

Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner matching Rainbow Ripple Dreams Baby Dress:

  • Crochet Easy Baby Cocoon beginner version:


  • Helenmay Crochet Heirloom Rainbow Chevron Baby Blanket:

How to size your Heirloom Crochet Rainbow Chevron Baby Blanket:


Crochet Quick and Easy Beginner Baby Skirt:

Crochet Quick and Easy Beginner Baby pants:

  • Crochet Precious Angel Baby Blanket Set. Includes: Baby blanket, baby bonnet, baby booties, and baby dress.

Crochet Precious Angel Matching Baby Bonnet:


Crochet Precious Angel Matching Baby Booties:

Crochet Precious Angel Matching Baby Dress:

Lavender Grace Baby Dress:

Lavender Grace Quick Easy Beginner Sun Hat, Flower Headband, and bag:

Quick, Easy Beginner Crochet Baby Booties:

Crochet Quick and Easy Baby Shower Dress Favor:

  •  Crochet Quick, Easy, Beginner, Beautiful Elegant Baby blanket:


Helenmay Crochet Helpful Pictorials to go with my Crochet Easy Elegant Baby Blanket:

  • Crochet Beautiful Easy Baby Blanket:

Crochet Beautiful Easy Baby Blanket and matching headband:

  • Crochet Easy Baby Cocoon with matching baby hat:

Crochet Easy Baby Cocoon matching baby hat:

Crochet easy diaper favor:

Baby Shower Carriage Favor:

Crochet Baby Shower Favor Bag:

Crochet Easy Sleepy Owl Baby Hat:

Crochet Easy Baby Pumpkin Hat:


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