Tunisian Crochet For Absolute Beginners



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I have made many Tunisian Crochet Afghans. As of Dec 2019, I will no longer be making Trademarked afghans. In the year 2020, I will make my 4th completed Tunisian Crochet Afghan! It will be my first afghan where I will sell the finished graphs. So far, I have completed a Guardians of the Galaxy Tunisian Crochet Afghan, a Minecraft Tunisian Crochet Afghan, and a Wizard of Oz Tunisian Crochet Afghan!!  I no longer have the video tutorials or free graph downloads for these finished trademarked afghans. However, I will show you how to begin with Tunisian Crochet so that you can start making your own Tunisian crochet graphs or be able to follow a graph of your choosing.

Here are some important things that I want to tell you before you start making my afghans:

1. I don’t bury loose yarn ends. I like to attach an inexpensive fleece blanket to the back of my finished Tunisian Crochet Afghans to hide the loose yarn ends. The loose yarn ends never come loose because I tie knots. As you can see from the finished pictures of my afghans, you can NOT see the knots.

2.  I work in blocks because I find it a lot easier to manage than trying to work the whole design in one piece. If you prefer to work the whole design in one piece, you should still be able to do that using my graphs. I don’t show how to crochet the design in one piece. I only show how to work in blocks because I MUCH prefer to work in blocks. 🙂

When I was sharing pictures of my Wizard of Oz Tunisian Crochet Afghan on Facebook, Nicole said: “Do you have something easier to start out with? Like not so many color changes. I have never done this before.”



That is why I decided to create this post. I wanted to give my Tunisian Crochet Project recommendations for the absolute beginner Tunisian Crocheter.

First, you are going to need a Tunisian Crochet hook. I usually use about a size 5.75mm Tunisian Crochet Hook for all of my Tunisian Crochet Afghans. A good value set that I would recommend is this Tunisian Hook set with several different sizes! It is an Amazon’s Choice and Prime eligible!


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.

The other thing that I use on my Tunisian Crochet hooks, so that I don’t place too much pressure with my thumb, is a pencil grip.


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. Prime eligible.

In one of my crochet Facebook groups, someone said that you can use the soft bendable rollers (Normally used for hair curlers) from dollar tree. You just cut the size that you need out of the foam roller (About the size of the foam pencil grips above) and remove the inner wire.

Now, you are ready for your Tunisian Crochet Adventure!!

You can start with my Tunisian Crochet Simple Quick and Easy Beginner Soap Saver:

After you feel comfortable with the most basic Tunisian Crochet stitch, which is my favorite Tunisian stitch for afghans, you can attempt my Tunisian Crochet Beginner Cardinal Hotpad/potholder. The Cardinal hotpad has a lot of color changes to practice with. It has step-by-step YouTube video tutorials to guide you as you Tunisian Crochet.


With the same Tunisian Crochet Cardinal pattern, you can also create a pillow!!!


Here is the direct blog link: Tunisian Crochet Cardinal Hotpad/Potholder, Tawashi, and or Pillow.

Another simple Tunisian Crochet project that you may enjoy is my Christmas Angel.

angel face

She is a Tunisian Crochet Christmas Angel Picture Holder.

That should help you get ready to make one of my larger Tunisian Crochet Afghans! You can also learn how to create your own graphs!! Too much crochet fun! Please subscribe to my blog! It is free, and you will receive notifications about my blog posts. I am hoping to start my Tunisian Crochet Super Hero Afghan later this year or next year 2020!

Happy Crocheting everyone!!

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