Crochet Dog Paw Coaster and/or Applique


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I found this adorable crochet dog paw coaster on YouTube by non-affiliate, AmiaMikancl Crochet

The video tutorial is in Japanese, but there are English subtitles. There were a couple of errors in the video tutorial, but nothing major. I was able to complete the crochet paw coaster without any difficulties.

Scroll down to find your FREE Crochet Paw Coaster and/or Applique PDF written pattern!

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I like to give credit to the crochet designer whose crochet idea I love. So, I asked AmiaMikancl if I could share the FREE Crochet PDF written pattern for her Crochet Dog Paw YouTube video tutorial with my Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members. I wrote the written pattern for her video tutorial. She replied to me.
AmiaMikancl Crochet on YouTube said: “You can provide it!
but you should introduce my youtube channel.
Thank you.”

Her teaching style is similar to mine. She also has a video tutorial that is similar to mine.

She has some other video tutorials that I would like to check out later, like her crochet diamond bag!!

You may like these dog key rings to hang your crochet dog paw applique on!! They would be perfect for your keys or to hang on your crochet project bag!!


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. Prime eligible. Different designs to choose from!


This one is adorable too! Click the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. Prime eligible!!


I recently made “Mink” the crochet lab dog in Apr 2020:


He is special because I put the crochet dog paw applique on his paws!

If you would like to place the crochet dog paws on your own crochet lab dog, or any other crochet dog, here is the free downloadable PDF written pattern:

Crochet Dog Paw Coaster PDF Written Pattern

Crochet Dog Paw Coaster Addendum

If you would like to make the crochet lab dog, here is the direct link to the blog post:

Crochet Large Amigurumi Labrador Retriever Dog Blog Post

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