Rozeta Scheepjes CAL 2019


This will be my first CAL (Crochet-Along) with another crochet designer. I am not an affiliate. I just love the finished crochet design!! If you would like to find out more about the Rozeta CAL, here is the direct link: Information for Rozeta Scheepjes CAL 2019

On this blog post, I will be posting pictures of my crochet adventures with the Rozeta CAL!!

It was very exciting to receive my Rozeta CAL kit from Wool Warehouse International!! Please use the link on the crochet designer Lilla Bjorn’s website link. You will see the price in Euro’s, but I was able to pay in dollars through my Paypal site without any difficulties. The shipping was a decent price and I was able to receive the package in less than a week!!!!! You are able to track the package, and I was able to receive emails/texts telling me the status of my package!!!


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For those of you that are putting together your own yarn kits for the Rozeta CAL, you may like these yarn charts to help:


I finished the first week of the Rozeta CAL Our Tribe Twilight:


Make sure that your tension during the tapestry crochet portion is just enough to hide the alternate color and still stay flat!


I had only slight waving, which I controlled by laying heavy books on it overnight.

When I got to the diamond design rounds, I realized how important keeping the stitch count was!!! To help me keep track of the stitch count, I started using my st markers at every hundredth stitch.

I just finished the week 6:


I finished my Rozeta around Christmas of the year 2019! Here are the pictures:

Finished Rozetapicturenamed

I also finished the bonus Rozeta pattern:

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I haven’t decided if I want to use my crochet Rozeta bonus pattern as a pin cushion or hanging tree ornament! I absolutely loved the crochet flower design!

I highly recommend this crochet pattern! I had a blast!

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