Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020 Part 2


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This is Part 2 for the CAL.  Here is the direct link for the first part of this Crochet Along (CAL)

Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL Getting Started

Part 2 for this CAL will start with the Lower Middle 4 block for the blanket/afghan, which will include blocks #5, #6, #7, and #8.

The Lower Middle Treasure Chest Block #5 graph:

Treasure Chest Block#5 Under The SeaCAL


Here is the next graph! Did you guess the Squid?! If you did, you were correct!

Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020 Lower Middle Squid Block #6

Squid Block#6 Under The Sea


I don’t know if you can tell from the image above, but I made a mistake. I discuss the mistake and “Frogging,” as well as a trick that I used to prevent from frogging (Undoing your beautiful crochet work due to a mistake) in this video tutorial:

The next video tutorial will show how I used Tunisian Crochet to join block#5 and block#6 together.


In the picture above, you can see how I used embroidery to sew circles with Prism Craft Thread around the Tunisian stitches. Thank you Brenda Butler for the wonderful idea of using embroidery for my pearls. I think it helped a lot to define the pearls!  This is an optional technique that some people may like to try with their Treasure Chest Pearls. Using embroidery thread for faces is also a different optional technique that I sometimes use.

Another option is to actually use Prism craft thread (stronger/thicker than standard sewing thread) with beads for the pearls. Remember that beads are a CHOKING HAZARD.


Here is the Prism Craft Thread that is similar to what I keep in my craft room. This affiliate link is Prime eligible and you can choose different colors if you want. I keep the pastel colors because I like to use these colors for the faces. I will be using this craft thread for the faces in the next right lower 4 blocks of this afghan (The Mermaid face and the Merman face). Click here, or the picture below, to go directly to the affiliate link:


I will finish the Lower Middle 4 block completely before I join it with the Lower Left 4 block:


Here is your next graph!  If you like the color that I used for my blue whale shark it is Caron One Pound “Ocean” color.

Blue Whale Shark Under The Sea Block#7


In block#8 I had fun with the scuba diver! In the graph, I didn’t put the “H” on the scuba diver belt, but the finished image will have an “H” for mine. The “H” is for Helen. 🙂

I am going for the treasure..lol…at least that is what I will tell the recipient when they receive the finished afghan.  Here is your next block:

Scuba Diver Under The Sea Block #8

I have already finished drawing the last 4 blocks for this bottom row of the blanket! The HERO we will call a “Merman!” I will also have a beautiful Mermaid. The HERO has an incredible gift for the Mermaid!  I know, I know, you want to see it, but you have to wait until we complete the lower middle portion of the blanket first…lol…

Here is the direct blog link to Part 3: Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020 Part 3


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