Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020 Part 6


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I have a wonderful surprise for people following along with my Crochet Along (CAL)!!!

One FREE random surprise package that includes a Furl Tunisian Crochet Hook!! Go to Contests and Giveaways for the year 2020 for details!

This will be the last 4 blocks for the middle of the blanket!!! After that, we only have one row left until our Tunisian Under The Sea Graphghan design will be complete! I have had a blast leaving you in suspense, and I have even more amazing graph surprises before we are finished with this uniquely awesome Graphghan!

I don’t know if any of you are aware, but this time of year is a really good time to shop at Hobby Lobby. I just took my Christmas gift card and had fun walking the aisles. It is a true crafter paradise..lol…Anyway, I saw another amazing book that I added to my “Under The Sea” theme. This next book is all about SHARKS! Since I have all of these great books to go with my finished Tunisian Under The Sea Graphghan, I will need a place to put them. I have decided to make a BONUS book pillow to go with the finished blanket.

This book is also available on Amazon, click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link.


Not only is this shark book funny, but it is educational as well. I even learned a few things myself.

The next 4 blocks have been drawn and graphed by yours truly, and I will release them after I complete them. I want to make sure that they turn out as awesome as the graph looks! I have 2 blocks for the main Great White Shark. One of the blocks will be of another Mystery shark. The last of the 4 blocks will be an underwater Mystery machine!!

Well, here he is! I just love how he turned out! He posed for his cheeky grin:


Here is a picture of him standing and waving in the water:


Here are the free downloadable PDF graphs:

Shark Bottom Under The Sea Block#21

Shark Top Under The Sea Block#22

For the next block, I knew that the submarine had to be yellow. This Beatles song kept going through my head as I made it: Yellow Submarine Beatles song.


Here is the PDF download for the Yellow Submarine block #23

Yellow Submarine Under The Sea Block#23

I think that the last shark in this 4 block always fascinates everyone! The unusual shape of the “Hammerhead” shark makes it remarkably unique. I knew that I had to include it on my Under The Sea Graphghan!


I can’t wait to explain all of the sea characters on my finished Graphghan to the children! They will learn so much about the ocean and what lives there. I will also teach them about mythical creatures and treasure chests!! It will be fun helping them distinguish between truth and fiction, just like the book I shared with you: “Truth or Lie” Sharks!

Here is your downloadable graph for block#24

Hammerhead Shark Under the Sea Block #24

Now, we are finished with the middle portion of the Graphghan!!


What is going to show up on the last row of 4 blocks for our Graphghan?!?!?!? It is a true Mystery!

Here is the direct link for the next part: Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020 Part 7

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