2March2020 Read Across America Day!


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Did you know that today is Read Across America Day?  

“National Read Across America Day is celebrated every year on March 2nd, which is also the birthday of American author Dr. Seuss. This is a day dedicated to encouraging children and young people to read, and motivating parents and teachers to help them do so. The day was created and is hosted annually by the National Education Association.”

I was sitting in a waiting area one day and I was reading “Better Homes & Garden” magazine. I usually end up reading this magazine either in the libraries or waiting areas.  There was an article that said: “March 2, is read across America Day. Diving into a book can reduce your stress levels by 68 percent. Reading regularly has also been shown to help sharpen your mind, fend off dementia, and foster empathy.”

Now, I love Better Homes & Garden, but this is my favorite magazine that I always have a subscription for!!! If you would like to check out my favorite magazine, here is the direct affiliate link: Helenmay’s favorite magazine!  If you would like Better Homes & Garden, here is the direct affiliate link: Better Homes and Garden Magazine.

I have a really fun recipe that I will be sharing soon on my Favorite Recipes blog post. I got it out of my favorite magazine. I just LOVE the recipes in this magazine! This recipe has become a healthy regular in our family. I am going to share it soon as a fun Easter recipe. 🙂 You may like to check out my Fun With Rabbits blog post too.

Most of you that follow my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel know that I love books, especially for young children.  I love to foster a love for books in my family too.  Today, I wanted to share my favorite book when I was a teenager.


Click here, or the picture above to go directly to the affiliate link.  This is still my favorite movie based on Wilson Rawls book, which is available on Amazon Prime: Where the Red Fern Grows Movie

I have crochet hound dogs that you may like to go with this book.


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the YouTube video tutorial.

I am known for my Helenmay Crochet Dogs! If you would like to check out all of my other fun Helenmay Crochet Dog tutorials and links, here is the direct blog post:  Helenmay Crochet Dogs.

If you would like to check out book deals by the amazing Dr. Seuss, click the picture below, or here, for the affiliate link:



Happy Read Across America Day!!!! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!



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